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The National Law University, Odisha

The National Law University Odisha is a vibrant addition to India’s national law universities. Within the short span, NLUO has made its mark as a university engaged in teaching and research in law. Faculty research output has always been of a very high standard, yielding among others several top-tier international publications. The student community’s engagement with co-curricular activities has yielded remarkable results, including consistently high performances in moot court competitions and active participation in prestigious national and international conferences and seminars. The liberal yet demanding academic culture coupled with the friendly environment have ensured that students are able to harness their full potential and contribute in the area of their choice.

National Law University, Odisha offers co-operative learning opportunities. The undergraduate degree in law integrates liberal arts (B.A) and managerial excellence (B.B.A) courses into the stipulated five years.
B.A. LL.B & BBA. LL.B Programmes

National Law University, Orissa offers a five year-integrated B.A.LL.B programme that combines training in law with knowledge of the social sciences. The liberal arts component of the B.A.LL.B program includes five arts subjects (Political Science, Sociology, Economics, English and Mass Communication), which are supplemented by a range of law courses; and together they provide a broad based multidisciplinary foundation to the curricula. The B.B.A.LL.B conjoint study programme which combines law with undergraduate level business administration. In this course the law subjects are studied in conjunction with business administration subjects such as Principles and Practices of Management, Financial Markets and Institutions, Cost and Management Accounting, Marketing, Corporate Accounting, Organizational Behaviour, Human Resource Management, Managerial Psychology, Ethical Entrepreneurship and Leadership, Financial Reporting and Analysis, Financial Management, Mergers, Acquisitions and Corporate Restructuring.
LL.M. Programme

NLU-Odisha offers one-year LL.M Programme. Through this programme, we intend to provide an ideal platform for high-calibre students to acquire expertise in specialized subject areas informed by highly experienced, research-led teaching. Our innovatively designed LL.M Programme will help students to develop their abilities to think critically, analyze legal arguments, articulate ideas and research efficiently. Admission to the LL.M. Programme at National Law University, Odisha is made strictly on merit, based on a Common Law Admission Test (CLAT) to be conducted at different centers across the country. Further details regarding the Admission Test is made available on website of CLAT.

A Library is the life line of a law school, and NLUO, to its credit, in just six years since inception has managed to create a library comparable to the best elsewhere. Our resources are constantly updated to keep abreast of recent developments. In the present era of information technology, library management too is not left out from harnessing the benefits of IT. In this regard, it is pertinent to note that at the National Law University Odisha, Cuttack both the academic as well as residential blocks have been provided with round the clock connectivity through leased line connection using state-of-the-art Wi-fi technology. This in turn enhances accessibility to e-resources within the University premises at all times and irrespective of the location of the users. To enhance accessibility the library functions in two shifts without any break. Alongside making available the resources in the library, the Library staff at NLUO with an aim to be student-friendly and provide acute convenience to the students keeps the students updated regularly with the new arrivals, contents of journals, important news reports, etc, via the medium of mail and notice boards.

National Law University Odisha
Kathajodi Campus, Sec – 13, CDA,
Cuttack– 753015, Odisha (India)
Phone:  +91 671 2338018
Fax: +91 671 2338004

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