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School of Law Christ University (SLCU), Bangalore

School of Law, Christ University (SLCU), Bangalore, is a part of Christ University, Bangalore, which was founded and is administered by Carmelites of Mary Immaculate (CMI). CMI, the first indigenous Catholic religious congregation of India with a membership of 2000, renders its service to humanity in educational, social, healthcare and other activities. The parent university, a premier educational institution, is an academic fraternity of individuals dedicated to the motto of excellence and service and already has a proven history of success in the field of education.

The School of Law offers Undergraduate, Postgraduate and Doctoral programmes in law as per the guidelines of the Bar Council of India and the University Grants Commission.  It has a flexible curriculum offering several options in different areas of specialization. It is devised keeping in mind the requirements of legal profession and academia.

The programmes offered at the School of Law incorporate a number of special opportunities such as internships, clinical programme, supervisory research and writing. In order to promote interaction between students and legal professionals, seminars, guest lectures and workshops are conducted on various subjects of law at regular intervals.

Academic Programmes

Bachelor of Law (BA., LLB) (Honours)

The School of Law, Christ University (SLCU), Bangalore, is approved by the Bar Council of India to conduct the B.A., LL.B. course (Honours). The school offers a five-year integrated law program, the successful completion of which will earn the student a B.A., LL.B. degree (Honours) to be awarded by Christ University.

The BA LLB (Honours) is specially designed with a multi-disciplinary approach to cater to requirements of litigation, judiciary, academia, policy engagement et cetera of legal industry. This Programme provides a stellar background for foray into Indian Administrative Services too.

In the first two years of the integrated BA LLB (Honours) programme, major courses like economics and political science are offered which primarily form the differential element as against the BBA LLB (Honours) programme.

In the First two years of the integrated BBA LLB (Honours) programme, Major courses like Accounting and Management are offered which primarily forms the differential element as against the BA LLB (Honours) programme.

Master of Law (LLM) Constitutional and Administrative Law

Widely hailed as the grund norm, the Constitution always plays a pivotal role in the arena of public policy and law-making. The values enshrined in it such as the fundamental rights, independent judiciary, rule of law, etc. have invigorated the quality of life of the citizens and constantly kept the rulers on their toes. The relevance of Constitutional and Administrative Law, in this regard, hardly needs an eulogy. In fact, it is an area, pursued in legal circles, with great reverence since a long time.

The Specialization is designed to serve the inquisitive academic minds to take the field to its logical conclusion. Towards this end, it contains various papers including Fundamental Rights, Centre-State Relations, Administrative Law, Media, Health and Education Law, etc. As one of the top law schools in India, the School of Law of CHRIST (Deemed to be University) offers LLM program as per the UGC guidelines. This program incorporates a rich array of law courses, seminars, experiential learning opportunities, and special events. Our distinguished faculty and administration have established ties with various international, governmental, and non-governmental organizations in India and abroad.

This program has a flexible curriculum offering several options in each specialization. Students have the option of selecting their specialization and their area of interest. In addition, each student is encouraged to write a publishable thesis and gain practical experience through internships and other training programs.

Master of Law (LLM)

Corporate and Commercial Law

The significance of Corporate and Commercial Law can hardly be over-emphasized. In fact, after the unleashing of the New Economic Policy and the advent of the WTO, this specialization is deemed to be next to none. Economic enterprises and the multi-national corporations have been in the forefront of providing the necessary economic stability to the society at large. Law plays a unique role in enabling them to serve the society in a holistic way.
This Specialization is designed to serve the interests of students who intend to practice in the area of Corporate Law. It aims at aligning the objectives of a Corporate Lawyer with the goals of business organizations. The subjects range from foundational papers to the advanced ones such as International Trade Law, Commercial Arbitration, Corporate Governance, etc.

Master of Law (LLM)

Intellectual Property and Trade Law

The convergence of intellectual property and trade is prominent since the advent of the New International Economic Order. Both the disciplines are so intertwined that the appreciation of one becomes meaningless in the absence of the other. The objective of this course is to enable a student to analyse the linkages between intellectual property and international trade, in a wider socio-economic and political perspective, both nationally and internationally. The course is also intended to expose the students to various effects of intellectual property and trade that might undermine the vital interests pertaining to human rights, environment etc.
The course is designed with sufficient emphasis on the practical nuances that emerge out of the theoretical underpinnings of both international trade and intellectual property laws. This specialisation is devised to serve the interests of students who seek to practice an international career that addresses the real time issues relating to intellectual property and international trade.


Accommodation Facilities Christ Hall- (for men) Committed to working towards providing Excellence and Service, the institution is dedicated to gospel values, mutual respect, team work and social concern. Christ Hall named after the Divine Guru who guides all our efforts is a residential facility for male students pursuing various programmes in Bannerghatta road campus. Christ Hall offers triple sharing rooms with the following facilities Wi-Fi: Wi-Fi in the study room and recreation hall. The students have access to the following Gym: Students will have access to the well-equipped gym on campus. Group study hall: Common study hall for group or individual study.


Library is the soul of any institution. It is a center of acquiring, processing, preserving and disseminating information to the user community with the motto of empowering knowledge, Christ University library has well trained staff and an automated library system to enrich the user community with a wide range of academic resources such as books, periodicals, online periodicals, databases, back volumes, CDs/DVDs, project reports, audio / video cassettes, and question bank.

The Library has 250 terminals with high-end computers for high-speed internet access. Students can browse, access Learning Management System, download journal articles etc. on these systems. A separate provision have been given for laptop users.


School of Law, Christ University,
Dharmaram College Post, Hosur Road,
Bengaluru – 560029,
Karnataka, India
Tel: +91 804012 9100 / 9600

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