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University of Connecticut School of Law

The UConn School of Law is one of the leading public law schools in the country. Its campus, listed on the National Register of Historic Sites, is probably the most beautiful of any law school in the United States. Two miles from the center of Hartford, the law school is located in a neighborhood of large Victorian homes, where many students, staff, and faculty live. The campus is a few minutes away from the state Capitol, courts and agencies, and the offices of Hartford’s law firms and corporations.
The buildings bustle with activity year-round and play host to a wide range of lectures and events, many of which are open to the public and coordinated with local and statewide bar associations. The two courtroom facilities and the Reading Room in Starr Hall are among the more gracious and beautiful academic spaces in the University of Connecticut system.
Academics Programs

Juris Doctor (JD)
The JD program offers a full-time (three-year) or part-time (four-year) program that provides students with an understanding of the tenets of the law and legal systems and prepares them well for the bar examination. Students in the JD program have the benefit of a vastly varied curriculum and opportunities for learning outside the traditional classroom setting.

Master of Laws (LLM)
Four LLM programs are offered at UConn School of Law – LLM in U.S. Legal Studies, LLM in Insurance Law, LLM in Human Rights and Social Justice, and LLM in Energy and Environmental Law. Students in the U.S. Legal Studies program come to the Law School from countries throughout the world, where many are practicing lawyers, judges and scholars. Students from throughout the United States and from other countries participate in the four other LLM programs. International LLM students can complete an LLM program on a full-time basis in two to three semesters. The LLM in Human Rights and Social Justice and the LLM in Energy and Environmental Law were new in 2015. The U.S. lawyers enrolled in the Insurance Law LLM program typically enroll on a part-time basis.

Doctor of the Science of Law (SJD)
The SJD program provides students the opportunity to further advance their legal studies. The SJD is a research doctorate in law and students in this program, under the tutelage of our dedicated faculty, produce a dissertation that will make a meaningful contribution to the scholarly field of law. The program can typically be completed within 2-4 years.

Certificate Programs
The University of Connecticut School of Law offers a variety of certificate programs that function as concentrations in particular subject-matter and skill areas. These certificates enable students to tailor their legal educations to focus on their specific academic interests and career aspirations. Certificates also provide concrete evidence to employers of a student’s background in, and potentially his or her commitment to, the relevant practice area. Please note that except for the certificate in Corporate and Regulatory Compliance, certificate programs are open only to students currently matriculated in a degree program at the School of Law.

JD Certificate Programs
• Corporate & Regulatory Compliance Certificate (JD)
• Energy and Environmental Law Certificate (JD)
• Human Rights Certificate (JD)
• Intellectual Property Certificate (JD)
• Law and Public Policy Certificate (JD)
• Tax Studies Certificate (JD)
• Transactional Practice Certificate (JD)
LLM Certificate Programs
• Corporate & Regulatory Compliance Certificate (LLM)
• Energy and Environmental Law Certificate (LLM)
• Financial Services Regulation Certificate (LLM)
• Foundational Certificates in U.S. Law (LLM)
• Human Rights Certificate (LLM)
• Intellectual Property Certificate (LLM)
• Tax Studies Certificate (LLM)

The Law Library contains 645,754 hard-copy volumes and 222,856 microform volume equivalents, and subscribes to 5,704 serial publications. The facility is one of the largest law libraries in the country. There are 400 individual study carrels, 14 study rooms, computer laboratories, a rare book and manuscript center, a student lounge, periodical reading rooms and more than 70,000 feet of shelving. Collections include federal and state statutes as well as judicial opinions, treatises and other primary sources. There are substantial collections of international legal materials, U.S. government publications, and insurance law materials.

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