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School of Law University of Surrey

The School of Law at the University of Surrey provides a stimulating and supportive environment for undergraduate and postgraduate study. Members of the academic staff have international reputations for research and are experienced legal practitioners, providing consultancy to law firms, governments, non-governmental organisations and businesses around the world. Enjoying excellent links with local, national and international legal communities, the School has particular expertise in environmental law, corporate and commercial law, anti-corruption law, criminal law, public law, European law and international law. The overwhelming majorities of placements is paid and have offered students the chance to work in such prestigious organisations as the European Parliament, Slater and Gordon Lawyers, the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Lloyds Banking Group and the House of Commons.


LL.B. Law Hons.
On our LLB Law course, you’ll gain a deep understanding of the main areas of legal knowledge, including law as it regulates the functions of the state (public law and criminal law), law as it regulates relations between private individuals (contract law and tort law), and law as it regulates the ownership and control of land and other property (land law, and equity and trusts).
Law with Criminology LL.B. (Hons.)

Our LLB Law with Criminology course will equip you with the skills and knowledge you need to proceed to professional legal qualifications as a solicitor or barrister and to engage critically with the principles of law. You will also gain an awareness of current issues in criminology – from debates surrounding criminal justice, to social control and the role of the police. We blend traditional and modern teaching methods to help you gain an extensive understanding of the law and the legal system, allowing you to tackle the fundamental issues of fairness, justice and equality that are at the heart of every society.
Law with International Relations LL.B. (Hons.)

Our law courses are enhanced by our student-focused teaching approach, engaging tutorials and the opportunity to study legal areas that are of particular interest to you. You’ll learn how to debate the law, to analyse its application to given situations and to apply your legal understanding in a national or international context, developing your professional skills through a series of extracurricular activities including client interviewing, negotiation and mooting.

International Criminal Law
Taking on the important issues facing contemporary international law like commercial law and cross-border transactions, this course will give you the professional skills and knowledge you need to grow a career in both national and international law firms, in-house legal departments, government departments and international organisations.  From fundamentals to more advanced topics, you will cover a variety of areas of commercial law including international business transactions, regulation of the global financial markets, and international investment disputes.

Our PhD in Law aims to train the next generation of legal thinkers, law reformers, policy advisors, political activists, and academics. Our emphasis in the School of Law on combining theory and practice makes us unique in the UK, and a world-class Centre for deep and creative legal research. We offer you the opportunity to explore a diverse range of areas. We have particular research strengths in legal philosophy and legal theory, neuroscience and law, criminal law, Chinese law, international economic law, Roman legal history, environmental law, health sciences and law, artificial intelligence and law, human rights law, and public international law. Our unique concentration of expertise in legal philosophy and legal theory is largely unparalleled worldwide.

The School also enjoys excellent links with local, national and international legal communities. You’ll benefit from stimulating roundtables seminars, workshops and lectures delivered by distinguished academics, eminent judges and law practitioners.


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