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Reykjavik University School of law

The Reykjavik University is a vibrant, student centered, international university with nearly 200 partner schools. The School of Law offers ambitious and progressive programmes at undergraduate and graduate level with the aim of graduating outstanding lawyers capable of becoming leaders in their fields. It has an international faculty, stemming from 23 different countries, and students originating from all over the world.  Reykjavik University has a modern, interdisciplinary approach and offers. RU is at the forefront of research in Iceland in its focus areas. Classes are kept small to encourage interactions between students and teachers.


BA in Law (Three years, full time)
The BA programme at Reykjavik University School of Law encourages student initiative, public speaking, and presentation training. Lectures form part of the programme as well as work sessions and seminars. Students are required to take an active part in class discussions. Teaching takes place in smaller groups, less emphasis is placed on lectures and instead students’ activities are increased.

Teachers at the School of Law encourage discussions and train students by assigning them to sove practical problems. Reykjavík University’s School of Law sees the development of project-based learning as an ongoing task and one of its most important undertakings.

Admission: Applicants for undergraduate studies at the School of Law at Reykjavík University need to have completed a matriculation examination or another comparable education, in exceptional cases, it is permitted to admit students who possess equivalent maturity and knowledge in the opinion of administrators at the School of Law.
ML in Law (Two years, full time)

RU School of Law offers graduate law studies that give students a diverse choice of emphases and courses of study. In that way, they can specialise in particular legal areas and integrate their studies with other disciplines.

Admission: Minimum Requirements: A BA-degree or another comparable university degree in law, a BA-degree, BS-degree or another comparable degree in another field than law.

Students who have not completed undergraduate studies in law have to complete a course in Methodology with the grade 6.0 or higher.

In selecting students, whether they have completed undergraduate studies in law or another field, it is taken into account the composition of prior studies, grades at university level and other aspects that are thought to indicate the abilities of applicants to take on demanding research-related master studies in law.

Those who finish the Master’s programme following an undergraduate degree in law and at least 240 ECTS in legal subjects are deemed to have completed a certification to the legal profession and thus fulfill the general educational requirements needed to work as judges and litigators.

PhD programme
The objective of the PhD programme is to train doctoral candidates for research and teaching careers and other positions which require in-depth scientific training and knowledge. The programme is designed to deepen the theoretical and methodological knowledge of PhD candidates in order to qualify them for independent and well-founded research in the field of law.

The PhD students will carry out their research at the RU School of Law for 3-5 years (depending on employment percentage). PhD students at RU have access to doctoral courses in other Nordic countries, including access to the doctoral courses programme at the Faculty of Law at the University of Oslo. A doctoral candidate will generally stay up to six months at a another university during the course of studies.


The library is a place to study and a knowledge bank. Here you have access to the literature and information that you need throughout your studies. You can both use the library as a physical place and/or use the electronic resources outside campus.
Reykjavik University (LIRU) supports studies and research at the university by providing access to scholarly resources in electronic and print formats on and off campus and by providing library users with outstanding services. The library provides quiet reading rooms, computer workstations and areas for group study.


Reykjavik University
School of Law
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101 Reykjavík, Iceland
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