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Faculty of Law The University of Hong Kong

University of Hong Kong Faculty of Law, founded in 1911, is the oldest tertiary institution in Hong Kong. The University of Hong Kong, Asia’s Global University, delivers impact through internationalisation, innovation and interdisciplinarity. We bear a unique responsibility to educate and train future lawyers and judges; to sustain the common law system; and to serve the people in Hong Kong. As a Faculty, we are rooted in Hong Kong, and we must develop our core competence in common law as it is practiced in Hong Kong. Our future development must be based on that foundational understanding.


LL.B Programme

The LLB programme is designed to meet the changing demands on law graduates. It is devised by benchmarking against the law programmes offered by the best law schools in the world and has a number of features to ensure the competitiveness of our graduates. The new programme offers the possibility of specializing in a particular area of law such as commercial law, Chinese law, international trade and economic law. The programme also offers the possibility to do a minor in a non-law discipline offered in the University.

BBA (Law) & LLB

This 5-year curriculum is jointly offered by the Faculty of Law and the Faculty of Business and Economics. It is designed to prepare students for careers in the highly competitive banking, financial and business sectors as well as the legal profession, by equipping them with knowledge and skills in both disciplines. It is designed to be highly flexible to allow maximum exchange opportunities and other international experience options. The BBA (Law) and LLB offers the choice of the Business stream or the Accounting stream that allows the students to declare a major in Business or Professional Core in Accounting respectively.


The Master of Laws programme at the University of Hong Kong is a highly competitive course for those who already received outstanding results in their first law degree. It meets a need in various specialist areas of the law that are of importance to Hong Kong and its locality, and to offer modules which Hong Kong is perhaps uniquely placed to provide to students from both within and outside Hong Kong.


The Master of Common Law programme is specifically designed for graduates in law from non-Common law jurisdictions who wish to acquire an expertise in Common Law as it is practised in Hong Kong and in other common law jurisdictions.

J.D. Programme

The Juris Doctor (JD) is a full-time, two-year law degree that provides comprehensive and in-depth legal education to students without prior background in the law. The emphasis of the programme is not on rote learning of legal rules, but on critical appreciation and assessment of the underpinnings of these rules. The programme distinguishes itself by its small class size. JD students will be taught as a separate group of about 40 students. We believe that an intimate environment will facilitate interaction and enhance the learning experience.


The University of Hong Kong Lui Che Woo Law Library is one of the subject branch libraries of the University Libraries. It provides study and research facilities for the academics, students and postgraduates of the Faculty, and other staff and students of the University. Reflecting the historical development of Hong Kong, and the Faculty’s common law tradition, the Lui Che Woo Law Library has strong collections of materials from Hong Kong, the United Kingdom, and major Commonwealth jurisdictions. The Library offers a variety of study spaces on both floors to cater for different student needs. These include both Western language and Chinese law journals. Western language law journals are arranged alphabetically by title. Chinese law journals are arranged in a classified sequence. A growing number of journals are also available in electronic format.


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