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For almost 100 years Birmingham Law School has led the way in legal education and research. One of the world’s finest law schools, we continue to provide our students with innovative, challenging and research-driven education. We provide an expansive range of programmes, for both undergraduate and postgraduate studies and employ a range of approaches in our teaching and our research, from the theoretical and doctrinal to the empirical and applied. Our research is recognised on a global stage, and our academics are frequent participants in legal debates and contribute to the policy-making process. We provide students with more than just a degree, and enable them to develop the skills required to enhance their employability.


Studying for an LLB is an intellectually demanding and thought-provoking experience, which will help you to develop an enquiring and critical attitude to law, and to learn to think logically and communicate clearly. Our unique degrees are designed to provide both academic excellence and vocational development; a balance that’s highly sought after by employers in both law and non-law sectors. The courses are also very flexible, allowing you to specialise more and more as you progress.

LLB Law with Business Studies
This popular programme, taught in partnership with Birmingham Business School, gives you a thorough grounding in English law and the disciplines and constraints it imposes on business practice, opening up career opportunities across many diverse areas.

There are close connections between the law and modern business enterprise. Lawyers acting for commercial clients can benefit from an understanding of organisations, their management and the way they structure their activities. People in business can benefit from a sound knowledge of the law.

LLB Law with Criminology
With a particular emphasis on the nature, extent, causes, and control of criminal behaviour in individuals and society, this programme provides students with a rigorous and critical understanding of these issues. It also explores social responses to crime and criminality, exploring the factors that underscore processes of law making, law breaking and law enforcement, and their consequences.
Criminology complements and contextualises legal study, and is an extremely useful addition to those looking to practice criminal law or work in the criminal justice system.

LLB for Graduates
This programme is particularly popular amongst international students, providing a competitive alternative for studying Law. Students on this programme come from all over the world including Canada, the USA and Nigeria. Alongside the seven foundation subjects of law you will be able to study up to four optional specialist modules. Teaching on the course is delivered through a mixture of lectures, which are taught alongside students on the other LLB programmes.

Masters in Law (LL.M)
The Birmingham LLM takes one year (full-time) or two years (part-time) to complete and involves the study of six specialist modules and a dissertation. Applicants must have a good undergraduate degree in Law or equivalent. The Birmingham LLM allows students to follow a general route, with complete flexibility in module selection, or follow one of our specialist pathways. When applying to the Birmingham LLM, students do not need to decide whether they wish to specialise at that stage, as pathway specialisms can be decided once students start on the course.
Each of our pathways can be studied full- or part-time.

Law Library

The Main Library holds more than 55,000 specific law volumes including textbooks, laws reports, statutes, journals and official publications, including a comprehensive collection of core law textbooks and law reports series including:
The Scots Law Times

European Court Reports and Common Market Law Reports
The Irish Reports; Northern Ireland Law Reports and Session Cases.
It also houses the European Documentation Centre.


If you wish to carry out historical research into law and legal documents, the Cadbury Research Library: Special Collections holds a number archive collections available for research. These include 20th century records of the University of Birmingham Faculty of Law, including some records of the Holdsworth Club, the society for University of Birmingham law students; 13th-16th century legal documents such as the Hagley Hall Charters; and numerous examples of legal papers within our organisational archives. Please contact the Cadbury Research Library if you’d like further information.


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