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Arizona Summit Law School

Located in the heart of Phoenix, Arizona Summit Law School (ASLS) provides a compassionate, student-focused learning environment that fosters a supportive and collaborative atmosphere to meet the needs of students from all walks of life. ASLS provides real-world opportunities to foster a tenacious desire for learning, growing and succeeding, while creating well-rounded lawyers who will add immediate value to their firms. Secondly, the academic environment accommodates not only traditional students, but also civic-minded leaders who wish to become advocates for their communities, as well as proud parents who must support their family’s needs in addition to their educational goals.


J D Program
At Arizona Summit Law School, the focus is to create opportunities for those who are passionate about the law to begin their legal education. The full-time JD program at Summit Law provides an opportunity for committed students to complete their law school studies in a welcoming, supportive environment.

Advanced Legal Research Strategies for

Transactional Law
This course addresses the different types of resources and research methods available for the transactional attorney. Research instruction focuses on the major legal subjects of Bankruptcy, Business Associations, Commercial Law, Contracts, Immigration, Intellectual Property, International Law, Labour and Employment Law, Real Estate Transactions, Securities Regulation, and Taxation. The focus is in developing practice-ready legal research skills. Students explore case law, statutes, regulations, leading texts, encyclopedias, journals, treatises and practical works under each major legal subject.

Bar Preparation
The ASLS Bar Preparation Department provides students with support, guidance, and the tools necessary to successfully pass a state bar exam. Bar preparation begins in the student’s first year with introduction to bar style multiple choice questions and essays in their substantive law classes, and cumulates in the third year with Pre-Bar Prep courses that strictly focus on bar preparation. The department also offers bar preparation/review courses such as myBAR/Barbri that begins right after graduation, which offer a personal coach who meets with the student regularly to provide continuous support and personal accountability.

Legal Skills Lab
All incoming students are required to participate in Legal Skills (Lab) courses. The Lab courses provide students with opportunities to develop and master academic legal skills by providing guidance in basic skill areas, including time management, case briefing, outlining, exam writing, and other skills essential for law school achievement. Topics covered include rule-based and case-based legal analysis, multi-state bar exam (MBE) questions, multi-state essay exams (MEE) and multi-state performance tests (MPT).


Arizona Summit Law School

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