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American University – Washington College of Law

The world has become essentially borderless, where economic, political, and social changes require innovative legal analysis and solutions. The Washington College of Law (WCL) equips students in unique ways to navigate this new reality. A top law school that provides an excellent legal education in all areas of the law, WCL has renowned programs in experiential learning (clinics and externships), international law, law and government, intellectual property, business, and gender. These vital programs create an environment rich with opportunities.


Business Law Program
The Business Law Program at the American University Washington College of Law includes an extensive curriculum, a number of student organizations, countless events throughout the year, as well as a full scholarly program. With over 150 different course offerings in business law and related fields, covering topics from antitrust to Regulation Z and everything in between, the curriculum aims to offer every course relevant to practicing business law, domestically and internationally, in the twenty-first century. Experiential learning in clinics and externships, both on the transactional and the litigation sides of practice, gives students what they need to develop and mature as budding lawyers. Outside the classroom, students can compete in transactional and negotiation meets, can network with employers and alumni, and can participate in the business-related arbitration and securities moots. The BLP is large and vibrant and is always looking for and developing new opportunities.

As one of the leading international law LL.M. programs in the United States, the ILSP offers a comprehensive education which incorporates a rich array of international law courses and seminars, experiential learning opportunities, and special events which promote interaction with international attorneys, diplomats, business leaders, and policy makers. The distinguished faculty and administration have established strong ties to various international, governmental, and non-governmental organizations in the Washington metropolitan area and abroad.

The program’s curriculum is designed to be flexible.  Each student structures a program of study to meet his or her own needs; students may choose any of the approximately forty-five courses offered each semester. ILSP students may choose an area of focus in eight specializations. In addition, students are encouraged to write a publishable thesis and to gain practical experience through internships and optional practical training.

Program in Community Development
and Transactional Law

CEDLC student attorneys work with community based organizations in Maryland and the District of Columbia to promote economic development. Using the tools of corporate, commercial, and transactional law, they create and retain assets for greatly underserved communities in the District of Columbia and Maryland.


WCL students, faculty and staff may access the Pence Law Library 24/7 using their AU ID card. The library is open to the public except during the reading and exam periods in December and May, when access is limited to: WCL students, faculty, staff and Federal Government Depository patrons.

WCL students, faculty, alumni and staff may borrow materials from the library as may other AU students, faculty and staff. Public patrons and students from other schools may request circulating materials through their home institution’s inter-library loan office.


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