To, The Golden Pro Bono…

In the Golden Honour
My pen writes…
Nothing more than poor
Ink Refills…
Nothing more than
Pro bono…
The Roaring Arguments
The Constitutional Soul Searching.
Every Day…Every Hour
Tireless efforts…
The Supreme..The High.
Power of the Lower
Thou, My Constitution
Held Highest
A Journey beyond…
Mars & Venus
Why and Whether?
Did the poor Suffer
Suffer to Whither
In off beat Weathers…

No Wizards…
Unending Agonies
Need to Strengthen accessibility
Loopholes Existed or Created
Victims Or Destitute
The recurring nightmare
An Eschatology of law
For the Man who saw Tomorrow
Or the Man who lived the Present
Or the Man who Cried Foul of Past
The Wars on Poverty & Richness.
The Parallel Lines
Where is the Transversal?
Wraths Or Wrots ?
Clots or Plots?
Let`s Call on Tomorrow
Where the Mind Trails…
Flexibility of sufferings
The Need for Iron Out

Adaptations of losses
With Iron Wills..
Generational Threads
Legal process Yarns…
Nothing comes easy
To & For the Poor
For Language barriers
For Literacy Cultural Wars
For Hesitation Drive outs
Said the Daily wage morsels
Where is the time my Lord?
In lucid words..
Simple and Honest
To think for Justice ?
I cannot seek?
I cannot get?
I cannot be blessed?
I can only regret?
He who addressed
The powerful Mighty corridor’s
Defining myself – A labouring ant?
Prodigy derived from Pride
Poverty derived from Homeless
An expensive Affair…
Law and Pro Bono
To speak is
Enriching. Applauding. Enlightening
Seems Justice breathing
I sought pro bono..
Sympathy each step
It`s Justice I seek
Sympathy drowns Asset
The Asset to win and prove
Poor is not a Cruise
To Sail & Listen Applauds
For Justice Delivered
Should Create RIPPLES
Wave Ripples…
Fear that Trickles
Not Ripley’s Believe it or Not???
From Crime doers and Go-Getters
Sounds a Game to me’
The Scott- Free
The Bugging Bees
Unmedicated is the Justice
You O ! Dearest Law
The Last STRAW
Owns no Lion Roar
Neither a Warriors Chest
All is you Might & Fight
For the Poor to Own
The Land. The Food.
The Education.The Dignity
This is not ….
A Sound of Music
Or Do re mi fa so la ti…
I feed on Labouring Bones
Is not a Law there?
To Comprehend
Just the Soul of it..
To shake the Hearts..
The Soul of Poverty?
For then the Ulcered Soles…
I beg and plead
With no language of law
It`s “Honest Truth”
I Seek… Liberty & Justice
My Right to Food
Needs less Noise
And more to the Plate
Pro Bono..
Needs no Politics
Being Loud and Applauding
The Journey of Pro Bono
Needs no Celebrations now
Liberate it prima facie..
To achieve ..The Scale
“Not Scrape Fish Scales”
Deep Thoughts.. Coral Reefs
Need no Tweets…
Achieve it…Disseminate it
Information. Education. Communication
The Sophisticated Minds
Pro Bono is in Whirls
Needs a New World
All of Give it belongs to..
Born for Others …
The Spirit of Pro Bono
Incandescent. Sustainable
Get Along…Walk Along
Build the Poor
In your Golden Honour
My Dear Constitution
The Pro bono
Shall Build the Nation
The Kohinoor
“Satyameva Jayate “
Truth Alone Triumphs!!!

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