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Hi Mr Khurshid,
Your article is very well researched and relevant. Kudos to you for all the research and facts you have put in, along with arguments to buttress your point. I really enjoyed reading it, and I do agree with you wholeheartedly,

Ranjana Narayan
Advocate Supreme Court of India

Sir your article is well written from the point of view of lay woman/man. Lots of interviews of lawyers clueless of pornography. Regards,
Vijay Panjwani, Advocate Supreme Court

in Kamlesh Vaswani v/s UOI.

Dear Hasan Khurshid,
I read your very interesting article, —-“Pornography is the Theory-Rape is the Practice”, and appreciated your well researched endeavour.

My acumen and experience gained in the last half a century as a criminal trial lawyer and author do not  convince me, at least “Theory” part of your contention —  emphasizing pornography viewing is likely to cause spree of committal of offence of rape these days. In theory, there are other very strong and stimulating causes as well.

You have rightly pointed out that pornography has a great potential for viewers to stimulate themselves and to develop fantasies or fetishes, but in some cases those fantasies were found to be channeled to other creative and positive traits. Besides, your mention of Dr. Layden’s finding that viewers of pornography “find it difficult to have sex with real human being”, contradicts advocacy of its ban to contain rapes, irrespective of constitutional rights part.

Pornography, or no pornography, human mind had always been fanaticizing in various degrees of imagery for gratifying the libido. In the past, only male brains used fantasies to gratify those fantasies through creating fictional masterpieces, but lately contemporary ladies too have entered the arena. See a couplet by great Ghalib:
“Labba-Duggi Us Sarapa Naaz Ka Shewa Na Tha.,
Hum Hi Kar Baithe They Ghalib Peshdasti Ek Din”. 

Yawer Qazalbash
Advocate and Author

Hasan Bhai, I am sure this timely story in your capable hands must have found an appropriate expression. I agree with you that Gov’t has totally failed to implement the laws applicable to rape cases – in prevention  as well as prosecution. Sad. Very sad.  But, then, pls enlighten me in which Gov’t has delivered since 1947 … In fact, whatever the Gov’t touched since 1947, got destroyed beyond redemption…due to sheer indifference, lack of accountability, and above all due to corruption at all levels – be that judiciary, law makers, bureaucrats, police and/or media.

Mohan Murti

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