Poetically Legal – Directed Fundamentally, Fundamentally Directed!

The Golden Seeds sowed
Erudite drafters vowed
Debated Hundred times
Intellectual prodigal debates
Penned by eminent draftsmen
Meticulous Foundations & Chisels
Epitome of Birth; A New Democratic Nation!
ong Live! Our Indian Constitution
Directed Fundamentally,
Fundamentally Directed!

O! I turn the Pages preceding Golden drafts
Recall martyrs, Freedom fighters, writers, poets
The unimaginable mammoth tasks
The lethal shafts, historical crafts paved faithful paths
To Liberate the Nation; simile to none
An incomparable task; accomplished by
Many anonymous too, not fame hungry
A salute to those souls by the young of the Nation today
The tireless visions, unfolding missions and religions united across
Not to be missed and skipped from mentions
A revolution whirl, so mystic and blessed
How do I pen the Golden Era..
Rarest Pearls we behold, Our Nation is just not a Nation,

It’s a Journey from Deserts to Oasis
Interpretations, Reformations, Transformations
Transfer to Young Generations, A Renaissance 
Eternal salutations for Freedom Fighters
We are in Independence Inhalation
An Independence that swept this Globe
At the Hour of Midnight
And the Injustices fought
Since time immemorial
Encompassing the Visions of Raja Ram
The Greatest Global Indian Vivekananda
Rabindranath the finest Wisdom
Sarojini Naidu- the Nightingale
Patriarchy fades with the Women Ace
Fusion of Independence Fighters and Constitutions Drafters
Tall Destined Fundamentals – O! Our  Democratic destiny!
Independence struggle carved a way
Directed Fundamentally,
Fundamentally Directed!

Great things aren’t built in Isolations
Fundamental rights and Directive Principles
To Survive, Let Rise, Exhale Pride
An Identity to each
An emblem of scintillating guided speeches
Underprivileged get an equal foot
Life is just not a life
Article 21 says it all

And Live for Life and
not mere survive
Religions own freedom
Equality disseminated
in all regions
Performing them all

Education once a luxury
Embedded fundamentally and directive
What a change in democratic destiny
Profession a free practise
From fangs of slavery and restrictions
Here we stand Constitutionally so strong
Brick by brick
Cemented with Fundamentals and Directives
Social order, Livelihood ingredients of welfare
Inequality nullified, the catalytic accelerator STRIVE
Directed Fundamentally,
Fundamentally Directed!

JUSTICE belongs to all
The LGBT, Women and Men
Environment Ecosystems
Not a limited justice thrall
An independent access to all
Continues flowing to strata’s
Educational Upliftment,
Labouring workers equal pay
Free Legal advice for the needy
Monumental protections preserving history
O ! The magnanimous embrace
Our Holy Constitution’s Grace
Directed Fundamentally,
Fundamentally Directed!

Allow me to conclude
For our Indian Ocean is Unending
English Channels are too small
Traversed absorbing the fate of democracy
There are Cries for Fundamental deprivations
The Poor have little access or none
Lack of Justice also prevails
Its not greener pastures everywhere
They say Justice delayed is justice denied
Like a Quadrilateral has four sides
So, does the Chair
So, does Power

Nothing can supersede
Our shining Eternal Preamble
It was, it shall, it will
The Democratic Life
The Golden drafting minds mined
Perseverance Time Labour
Sacrifices Resubmissions
All laid the democratic foundation
For it is Beautifully Crafted
Directed Fundamentally,
Fundamentally Directed

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