On The Lighter Side

Deputy head teacher Sue Storer sued her school in Bristol for making her sit in an embarrassing chair. Her joint deputies, both­men, were bought new, silent chairs while she and her ‘farting chair’ were the butt of everybody’s jokes. A tribunal dismissed her £ 1 million claim; she should have bought a new chair herself. (Times, 10 April 2006)Raymond Akers, 52, was tired of being restricted at the office. His female colleagues could wear skimpy outfits which he felt were not ‘business-like’, whilst he had to wear boring ties. So one day he turned up in one festooned with pictures of brightly coloured condoms. The tribunal told him not to be ‘silly’ and, no, they did not want to see the tie in question. (Times, 3 June 2006)

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