Messenger of Legal Knowledge – Memoirs – Events-Views and Expressions

Dear Mr. Arora,

I gratefully acknowledge your letter of 9th July along with a book, ‘Messenger of Legal Knowledge’, which I received on my arrival from The Hague.

Legal and judicial fraternity is immensely grateful to you for your great contribution in the field of legal publication for over five decades. I recall your modest and humble journey as a salesman of law books to a prominent and leading publishing house. This is the result of your vision, extraordinary hard work, ethical dealings, human approach and sincerity. You have rendered great service to the community of lawyers, judges, law professors and students. Recognizing your extraordinary ability, the Indian Bar Association especially organized a felicitation function for you. This was perhaps the only occasion when a non – lawyer was felicitated by the Association.

I recall as a member of the Library Committee, both, in the High Court of Delhi and in the Supreme Court, we used to unhesitatingly order books, bare acts and other material of Universal Publication Co. You have also taken a unique project of re-publishing foreign books at a very reasonable and affordable cost.

Please accept my good wishes and prayers for your good health, long life, peace and happiness so that you can continue to serve the legal and judicial fraternity and intern serve society.

With warm personal regards,
Dalveer Bhandari
Judge, International Court of Justice

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