Messenger of Legal Knowledge – Memoirs – Events-Views and Expressions

Justice Altmas Kabir
C.L. 16, Sector – II
Bidhannager, Kolkata – 700091
17th August, 2016

Shri M.G. Arora,
Universal Law Publishing Co. Pvt. Ltd.
C- 27, Connaught Place ( Middle Circle )
New Delhi — 110001.
Your book – Messenger of Legal Knowledge

Dear Shri Arora,

Your aforesaid book made interesting reading—a compilation of a man’s lifelong work and achievements. Your achievements in adversarial circumstances, after partition of India, can be likened to the life of a Chai-wallah, who has risen to become the Prime Minister of India. The successful life story of a man who rose from humble beginnings as a book seller across the counter, to rub shoulders with Presidents, Prime Ministers, Chief Justices of India, Judges of the Supreme Court and High Courts, great lawyers and jurists, top bureaucrats and world-famous Publishers, is sure to inspire future generation setting out on the journey of life.

The book travels through the author’s experiences from the time of Partition of the country and the large and agonizing transfer of population from both sides of the border between India and Pakistan and their struggle to rehabilitate themselves in new surroundings and great financial hardship. The pictures add to the nostalgia and bring back memories of another day.

The Messenger of Legal Knowledge is an inspiring book of the life-story of a man who was determined to succeed in his chosen profession and succeed he did by dint of sheer determination and hard work which others can also emulate.

Wishing you greater success in life and many more years of publishing, with Manish by your side.
With regards,

Justice Altamas Kabir
Former Chief Justice of India

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