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Shri Arun Jaitley

Currently Union Minister of Finance, Banking and Corporate Affairs. My memory goes back to the period 1964 to 1975 when I was residing in Model Town, Delhi. During that period Pandit Maharaj Kishan, Advocate (father of Mr. Arun Jaitley) was a frequent visitor to my shop situated opposite the Tis Hazari New Courts. Probably in the year 1967 or 1968, Panditji told me that he was also residing in the same Block of Model Town. I was then an active member of the R.S.S. attending Sangh Shakha every morning and while coming back I often happened to see Panditji alongwith his son in the school uniform studying at St. Xavier School, Ludlow Castle.

Days and years passed, I became actively involved in social, religious and political activities in Delhi. I recall the year 1974 when I arranged a meeting of college/university students and teachers residing in Model Town for seeking their support to Vidyarthi Parishad candidates contesting election of the Delhi University Students Union – that was the year when Mr. Arun Jaitley was elected the President.

I was then not closely known to Mr. Arun Jaitley. I came in touch only when he started practicing as an Advocate, and I, as a Law Bookseller used to visit his Chamber. In the course of time Mr. Jaitley became a distinguished Lawyer and prominent political leader of B.J.P., while I was a grassroot silent worker of the B.J.P., R.S.S. and various social organisations serving the society.

I recall the day of the year 2000 when Mr. Jaitley was appointed the Minister of Law, Justice & Company Affairs, and I went to congratulate him at his office at Shastri Bhawan, where he welcomed me with a smiling face and asked me to sit on his side. We both enjoyed tea and snacks while watching a live telecast of cricket match on T.V. in his room. That was a memorable time I spent with him. Till today we frequently meet on various occasions, seminars, conferences and Book release functions.

I am proud of having close friendly relations with such a person who has held many important positions and has made significant contributions in many areas.
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