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Justice (Dr.) A.S. Anand (Former Chief Justice of India and former Chairman, National Human Rights Commission) – I recall the day of 1985 when I got the opportunity of meeting Justice Anand at Srinagar. He was then the Acting Chief Justice of the High Court of Jammu & Kashmir. That was the period when a large grant was sanctioned to build two Libraries of the High Court at Jammu and Srinagar.

In the process, three Judicial Officers were deputed to visit some reputed Law Bookshops and Library Suppliers in India to assert their capability and capacity to undertake the order for supply of two sets each of various Foreign Law Reports, Encyclopaedias and a number of Indian and Foreign Commentaries. All supplies were required to be made before 31st March. The concerned officers who visited my Bookshop in December 1984, as I remember, were Shri O.P. Sharma (then a Judge in the lower court), Mr. G.A.
Kuchhae (then the Registrar of the High Court) and Mr. Imtiaz Hussain (then the Private Secretary to the Chief Justice). I was told that they had already visited some booksellers at Chandigarh and in Delhi. I was interviewed with tough and uncomfortable questions like the price proof of Foreign Reports and Books, its formula of conversion in Indian Rupees, the source of import and time limit of supplies. I frankly told them that no Bookseller in India would be able to undertake supply before 31st March, because most of the foreign sets and Books were required to be imported on order which took minimum 60 to 90 days from the date of the order. However, I handed over the Publishers’ Catalogues and assured them to undertake the order subject to my terms of supply in lots and payment on the day of delivery of each lot. A few days later I received a letter from the High Court calling for quotations which I responded without delay. In the 1st week of February 1985, I received a telephonic call from the Private Secretary of the Chief Justice advising me to personally meet the Hon’ble Chief Justice in his Chambers in the High Court at Srinagar. In view of its urgency I took the first available flight from Delhi to Srinagar. That was the day when I met Justice (Dr.) A.S. Anand face-to-face who interviewed me and handed over the order for early compliance. In fact that was my first visit to Srinagar but without even seeing the beauty of the valley, I came back to perform my duty.

It is worth mentioning here that in due course of time, the three judicial officers who visited my Bookshop in December 1984, rose to become Judges of the High Court. My personal contact with Justice (Dr.) A.S. Anand continued specially during the period when he was elevated to the Bench of the Supreme Court in 1991, when he became the Chief Justice of India in 1998 and after his retirement when he was appointed theChairperson of the National Human Rights Commission. Now I am proud of being the publisher of his two Books “The Constitution of Jammu & Kashmir” and “Justice for Women – Concerns and Expressions” – both published by Universal Law Publishing Co. Pvt. Ltd.

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