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Shri Ashok Sen
Ashok Sen was the Cabinet Minister of Law, during 1961 to 1966, Senior Advocate of the Supreme Court of India and President of the Supreme Court Bar Association for five terms. Apart from his busy schedule, he would take special care to maintain and update his library. I once met him at his residence with the intention to see his library. He personally showed me various rare books and journals. I was surprised to see some handwritten legal material in Sanskrit and Urdu languages. He told me that during every summer vacation he arranged to take out his entire library under the sun in a lawn for pest control treatment, dusting and repair of damaged titles. It is a fact that during my long career I have never ever seen such a rich library.

Shri H.M. Seervai
It was the year 1961 when Mr. Seervai started writing Constitutional Law of India. Six years later in 1967, the book was published. It was a single volume of less than a thousand pages; its fourth edition turned into three volumes consisting of over three thousand pages.

The first volume of its fourth edition was published in 1991. That was the year when I first met him at his residence. Seervai took seven years to compile his work and during that period he gave up his Legal Practice and was not accepting any brief. He gave the final proof of its 3rd volume to the Press for printing on 25th January, 1996, and the very next day on 26th January he quietly and peacefully slipped away. I was told by his publisher that the proof of each page was corrected and approved by Mr. Seervai himself. One can understand the Author’s devotion, dedication and determination.

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