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Shri M.C. Setalvad – Had a unique distinction of being the First Attorney-General for India for 12 years, First Chairman of Law Commission of India, First President of the Supreme Court Bar Association for 18 years and Founder President of the Bar Association of India. I had the opportunity of knowing him closely when he visited our stall at the Law Teachers’ Conference held at Vigyan Bhavan in early seventies. He had authored his Autobiography “My Life” – one of the most inspiring books.

Shri C.K. Daphtary – (Former Attorney-General for India) I had the opportunity of introducing myself to Shri C.K. Daphtary in 1965 when I met him at his residence to present a set of Digest of Income Tax Cases on behalf of its Author Dr. K.B. Bhatnagar published by M/s Central Law Agency, Allahabad. He examined some portion and was greatly impressed by the quality of work accomplished by the Author. He asked me to collect his letter of appreciation after a week. On my next visit, Mr. Daphtary was busy in a conference with some law officers. I had then a chance to see his library consisting of a large number of Indian and foreign books and major sets, Journals and Reports. On glancing through the racks I noticed some volumes that were missing in certain sets like U.S. Supreme Court Reports, All England Law Reports, American Jurisprudence, Halsbury’s Laws of England and Corpus Juris Secundum. I handed over the list of missing volumes to Mr. Daphtary and offered my services to keep his library updated. He appreciated and availed of my services by making purchases for his official and residential library till his tenure.

Mr. Daphtary was the first Solicitor-General of India (1950- 1963) and the second Attorney-General for India (1963 to 1968).

Dr. Durga Das Basu – A man of unique and manifold achievements. A known Author of the Constitution of India. The first commentary on the Constitution of India was authored by D.D. Basu. I met him in Delhi when he was a member of the Law Commission in early sixties. After retirement he shifted back to his home town – Calcutta. He was a regular visitor to Delhi and used to call me up on phone for meeting at Nizamuddin in connection with the sale and promotion of his books for students and professionals. I feel lucky for having a long and regular contact with him till his last journey.

Mrs. Justice Leila Seth – (The first lady Chief Justice of a High Court in India) I met her in early seventies. She was then associated with a Solicitor Firm named Khaitan & Company in New Delhi where I used to visit for supply of books. During this period I met her many-a-times in a number of conferences and seminars held at Indian Law Institute, India International Center and Society of International Law. She was an author and had been a lover of books and a regular visitor to the World Book Fairs held at Pragati Maidan for over three decades.

Refer pages 13, 14 and 16 of the book

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