Messenger of Legal Knowledge – Memoirs – Events-Views and Expressions

I am really sorry that I could not offer my comments, as I was for past few months under heavy medication and treatment including hospitalization but I am really thankful to you for having provided me a copy of “Messenger of Legal Knowledge”. I admire as petrel of patriotism, and respect him as nationalist who stood by the Nation in its dark days I salute him for his sacrifices.

I was frantically searching for a footing space in the galaxy of legal luminaries shining in the book, but as a man, happy with his nobody status, I could find a convenient spot for myself in the message of Shri P.N. Lekhi whom I hold in high esteem and respect him as a bold lawyer, and above a nationalist to the core of his heart. The magnanimity and munificence, which the ‘messenger’ of legal knowledge, for whom I have a high regard and respect, bestowed on him by gifting him a set of All India Reporter in his hard days. Hats off to the ‘messenger’, not only a messenger of legal knowledge but a career builder as well to me, it appears to be a family trait it is in the DNA of the Aroras. A family tradition, inherited by the sons as well, of which I am also one of the beneficiaries.

I have gone through each and every page of this book and its most impressive part is the message of Shri Lekhi. The humane quality of the ‘messenger’ far excels the legal learning and knowledge.

Looking forward to a meeting with the ‘messenger’ in near future, when I happen to be in Delhi.

Justice V.D. Gyani
Retd. Chief Justice (Actg.)
Gauhati High Court
Gauhati (Assam

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