Messenger of Legal Knowledge – Memoirs – Events-Views and Expressions

Mr M. G. Arora  is a remarkable human being with extraordinary qualities. My association with him goes back to late sixties when  as a young Lecturer I used to visit the Library of  the Indian Law Institute. While I was doing LL.M. my visits became more frequent.  It was during early seventies when  Mr Arora would bring new law publications and exchange pleasantries  with a number of senior advocates and teachers. Mr Arora would oblige one and all  whosoever wanted any book or  journal. He would procure it even if it was not his publication and would also make a reasonable discount. Generally you don’t get any discounts on Law Books.

After going through the Messenger of Legal Knowledge I realized how wonderful has been his journey in the Law world, absolutely self made, with sheer  hard work and sincerity .  I am a great admirer of Mr Arora for his humility amiable nature and affection apart from social commitment. Universal has made a mark as one of the best Law publishers surpassing one time big names of M.N. Tripathi, Eastern Law House and others.

It was Mr Arora’s perseverance and pursuation which motivated and encouraged  many new authors to pen down their ideas. With his professional experience and simple style he added many new legal titles from a cross section of experts.

His network increased as there use to be Book Release function and many experts were invited to speak. One the authors were popular or the subject was fascinating these functions were often over crowded.  It was during these functions I came to know of his sons Mr Pradeep, Mr  Sanjiv  and Dr Manish.  Dr Manish Arora being youngest became more friendly and like father he inherited the qualities of father and brothers, helpful and courteous.

My interaction with Manish increased because  he was publishing Books of Justice Krishna Iyer and most of the materials were with me or would be sent to me by Justice Iyer to be handed over to Manish. On a couple of times I needed some books and Manish would immediately send them and would not even take any payment. Where do you see such humanism in today’s world.

In 2013,  I requested  Mr Arora to give his consent for accepting an Award by the Capital Foundation Society. Mr Arora was reluctant and when Justice Krishna Iyer asked him to accept he gave in. When I saw the Capital Foundation Award Certificate on the back inside cover of  Messenger of Legal Knowledge, I felt it was perhaps the most remarkable tribute to enrichment of Capital Foundation Society.

I am really proud to know Mr M.G.Arora and Dr Manish Arora. I have gone through the entire memoirs, events and views with rich collection of  photographs of several legends.

Dr Vinod Sethi
Secretary General
Capital Foundation Society

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