Messenger of Legal Knowledge – Memoirs – Events-Views and Expressions

Respected Sh. M.G. Aroraji,

Before writing anything about your book I wish to recollect an incident of the 2012, when I met you personally in your Connaught Place office and, being a fatherly figure for me, when I touched your feet, seeking your blessings, very humbly you stopped me in doing so on the pretext that I happen to be an author of your publishing house. The incident reflects not only your respect for authors, but also your humbleness and greatness. Therefore, it would not be out of context to say that it is because of personalities like you that there is no dearth of intellectual authors and par-excellent law-books in our country.

As a matter of fact, your own book, mentioned above, itself is reflection of your character and service to the society in the field of law. The depiction of your painful journey, from the time of India’s partition to the days of your salesmanship of law books and then establishing your own publishing company, is by all means, an inspirational reading for today’s youth, who relies more on computers and other related information technologies for enhancement of his knowledge. Your experiences under the chapter “Memorable Events & Instances” are an enormous source of guidance for everybody to shape up his/her life. Your instance of ‘Gurudakhshina’, though may seem to be outdated in today’s materialistic world, but, when somebody reads the same, he would definitely fall in love with you and would wish to follow it somehow in his life. While taking pause at this juncture, Respected Sir, I would salute you for bringing this on record for the benefit of today’s generation, for whom this is like a fairytale story.

Your historical survey of ‘publication of books’ in the field of law in the Indian context needs special mention, which would not be available to anyone so easily elsewhere. Further, your tributes to Sh. Nani Palkhivala and Sh. C.M. Chawla, are, in reality, tributes to the legal fraternity as a whole.
Therefore, your felicitation by the Limca book of records in the year 2002, upon your completion of 50 years of service, is a very small honour to you, keeping in view your contribution to the field of law. The section of your book containing ‘Photographs of Memorable Events’ reflects the culture of our legal profession in honouring each and every commendable aspect in the field of law.

Before concluding, I would say that I am not finding words to express my emotions, after going through your book. Nevertheless, one may say that devotion and sincerity to the Legal Profession and, consequently, your contribution to the ‘Justice Delivery System’ in our country is incomparable.
I have all the good wishes for your family to continue the unfinished journey of yours in this field for the larger interest of the society.

Dr. Ashutosh
Practising Advocate,
Guest Faculty, Delhi University
Guest Faculty, I.P. University
Author of Books on Law

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