Messenger of Legal Knowledge – Memoirs – Events-Views and Expressions

Dear Shri Arora,

My greetings and good wishes to you!

I have received a copy of Messenger of Legal Knowledge. I am yet to read it. But the temptation of deriving pleasure by casting a glimpse on the contents was irresistible and has prevailed.

I have been meeting and exchanging notes with dear Dr. Manish quite often. This book brings me closer to you. It is always a fascination for me to learn about self-made persons who have triumphed over troubles, earned success by dint of hard work and risen high, ULP & UBT, both occupy a place of pride in the field of law publishing and trading.

I agree that the book is neither a biography nor an autobiography. It is a manifold mirror wherein varying images of your versatile personality are reflected through others. The best way of assessing your achievements is to go by the opinion of others who know you well and have no reason to be and cannot be – your flatterers. I am sure that the Messenger would inspire many entrants in any walk of life who wish to learn the secrets of achieving the goal.

With regards
Sincerely Yours,
Justice R.C. Lahoti
Former Chief Justice of India

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