Messenger of Legal Knowledge – Memoirs – Events-Views and Expressions

Dear Mr. Arora,
I was happy to receive the complimentary copy of the “Messenger of Legal Knowledge” today. Thank you very much for remembering me. You have been in the service of Law for decades. You have had the opportunity to serve the Supreme Court under different Chief Justices.

I was always concerned with the standard of Legal education in the country. That is reflected in my speech at Jodhpur titled “Bridging the Cracks in Legal Education” it was thereafter I think in the Chief Justices Conference that a high level committee was formed under my Chairmanship to study the State of Legal Education and the Committee’s Report was accepted to go in for a 5 year course. This was initially opposed by various law colleges that when the reconstituted Bar Council Education Committee endorsed the proposal, that it was introduced. I then decided that a National Law School be set up in Hyderabad which is known as NALASAR. It was set up in a small building where two classes were started with 60 students. In the meantime the construction on the land allotted by the State Government, commenced. It is today a prestigious law school.
Training of Judges was another project which came to be set up in Bhopal which too is a Training Centre of repute. Both these institutes have greatly contributed to improving the standard of legal education.

Sorry for the delay in writing as I was unwell and had to go through an eye operation.

Yours Sincerely,
Justice A.M. Ahmadi
Former Chief Justice,
Supreme Court of India

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