Messenger of Legal Knowledge- Memoirs-Events-Views and Expressions

Late Justice J.S. Verma

Former Chief Justice of India and

Chairperson National Human Rights Commission.

During my days at Allahabad where I was a Salesman at a Law Bookshop on University Road, I recall some law students who were regular visitors to that shop. Mr. Jagdish Sharan was one among those students.

Mr. Jagdish Sharan after doing Law left Allahabad in 1955 when he joined the Bar of the Madhya Pradesh High Court and I left Allahabad and landed in Delhi in 1956 to start my own business named Universal Book Traders.

We both were born in 1933 and our journey started in respective fields also simultaneously. Mr. Jagdish Sharan became Judge of the High Court in 1972, its Chief Justice in 1985, Chief Justice of Rajasthan in 1986, Judge of the Supreme Court in 1989 and Chief Justice of India in 1997, whereas I travelled step by step selling the books door to door, started a Bookshop in 1957, extended the business to Publishing in 1995 by promoting Universal Law Publishing Co. and its education wing in 2004 named Universal Institute of Legal Studies.

I recall the day of 1997 when on our Book-release function I shared the dais with the Chief Justice J.S. Verma,  then Finance Minister Shri P. Chidambram, and the Author Shri P.C. Rao then Law Secretary in Law Ministry.

While delivering vote of thanks, I diverted the attention of Justice Verma by addressing him Justice Jagdish Sharan and spoke ‘Sir I know you since your student days at Allahabad University where you were known to me as Jagdish Sharan – a regular visitor to the Bookshop where I was a Salesman at the counter’. One could read the smiling expression on Justice Verma’s face at that event.

Five years after the above mentioned event when I was honoured by The Bar Association of India on my completion of fifty years’ service to the legal profession in presence of a large number of Judges, Jurists, Advocates and Members of the Book Industry, I received a Message of Congratulation from Justice J.S. Verma then Chairman of National Human Rights Commission specifically mentioning about his student days’ relation with me, which was published in a Souvenir released on the occasion.

I am now proud of being a publisher of Justice Verma’s two Books – New Dimension of Justice and The New Universe of Human Rights.

(Refer page No 18-19 of the book)

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