Mark Zuckerberg finally graduates with a Doctor of Laws degree

The founder of the world’s most used online social networking platform, has graduated from Harvard University aged 33.

Mark Zuckerberg is of course synonymous with his passion project Facebook, which led him to leave his college dorm room to pursue its development as his full-time career.

Mark launched Facebook in 2004, and eventually became one of history’s richest and most successful young entrepreneurs, inspiring others with his same potential to found competing social networks such as Twitter and Snapchat.

Mark is also one of the most famous college dropouts ever, with his name constantly coming up in discussions about educational achievements not being the sole determining factor to a successful career.

Like fellow dropout Bill Gates did 10 years ago, Mark returned to Harvard rencetly to address the graduating class, as well as to reclaim his own Doctor of Laws degree.

He also echoed Gates’ speech by saying “Dad, I always told you I’d come back and get my degree”.

He also visited his old college dorm in Harvard (and of course live streamed it on Facebook). This was the same place where Mark, as we know from the Oscar-nominated film ‘The Social Network’, launched the website www.thefacebook.com and made it available only to his classmates.

Source:The Insiter (Johann Agius)

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