Legal One Liners

Legal One Liners for judicial Service Aspirants

• Aniruddha Rajput has been elected as a Member to the International Law Commission i.e. UN General Assembly top body of legal experts.

• First Judge appointed to the Supreme Court directly from the Bar was Justice S.M. Sikri.

• An order to another court to attach property of the judgment debtor is known as Precept.

• Decree passed due to non-appearance of the defendant in a suit is an Ex parte decree.

• Gift of a property burdened with the liabilities is known as Onerous gift.

• A stipulation for increased interest from the date of default is known as Penalty.

• Active concealment of fact is related to Fraud.

• The Council of Ministers has no option but to give resignation if it loses the confidence of the Lok Sabha.

• Mobilia sequuntur personam means movables follow the person.

• Comptroller and Auditor General of India is regarded as the guardian of public purse.

• Police remand of the accused cannot exceed 15 days.

• Council of States was first constituted in 1952.

• Minimum qualifying age for being a Member of Parliament is 25 years.

• A mandatory injunction in the nature is both prohibitory and restitutory.

• Wanderings in Many Worlds is the autobiography of Justice V.R Krishna Iyer.

• First woman Chief Justice of High Court is Leila Seth.

• Indian elections follow the system of Adult franchise.

• Lord Macaulay is related with the drafting of the Indian Penal Code.

• The Council of States is not subject to dissolution and one of its members retires every second year.

• A judge of the Supreme Court can be removed from office only on grounds of proven misbehaviour or incapacity.

• Beyond 200 miles from the coast, is known as “High Sea”.

• Joint Parliamentary Committee is chaired by a member of the Opposition Party.

• The act of unlawfully entering into another’s property is known as Trespass.

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