Legal One Liners

Legal One Liners For Judicial Service Aspirants

• World Day against Child Labour is celebrated on June 12 every year.
• World Hindi Conference to be held in Mauritius this year.
• New Caretaker Prime Minister of Pakistan is former Chief Justice Nasirul Mulk.
• New Chairman of Press Council of India is former Supreme Court Judge Justice CK Prasad.
• For conduct to be relevant under section 8 of the Indian Evidence Act, 1872 it can be either previous or subsequent.
• The Doctrine of Eclipse is in regard to Article 13 of the Constitution of India.
• The principle of ‘collective responsibility’ has been incorporated in Article 75 of the Constitution of India.
• Constitutional safeguards to civil servants have been given in Article 311 of the Constitution of India.
• Section 114 of the Evidence Act deals with legal presumptions.
• Ordinarily, place of trial is where the offence has been committed.
• Statement under section 161 of Cr PC can be used to contradict the statement in court.
• Before being summoned, the accused has no right at all to participate in criminal proceedings.
• Inquiry is conducted by a magistrate with a view to find out prima facie case.
• Damages awarded for tortuous liabilities are unliquidated.
• For an offence of cheating, intention to cheat should be present from the very beginning.
• Section 303 IPC has been declared unconstitutional and violative of Articles 14 and 21 of the Constitution of India.
• For defence of intoxication to escape criminal liability, the intoxication administered should be against the defendant’s will or knowledge.
• An agreement enforceable by law at the instance of one or more parties and not of others under section 2(i) of the Indian Contract Act is called a voidable contract.
• Defamation by spoken words or gestures is known as Slander.
`• The liability of master for the acts of his servant in Law of Torts is called vicarious liability.

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