Legal One Liners

Legal One Liners For Judicial Service Aspirants

• World Press Freedom Day is celebrated on May 3 every year.
• Pawan Chamling has become India’s longest serving Chief Minister. He hails from Sikkim.
• National Panchayati Raj Day is celebrated on 24th April every year.
• Rajesh Bindal Committee has submitted its report on inter-country removal and retention of children.
• Damnum Sine Injuria means the exercise of ordinary rights for a lawful purpose and in a lawful manner is no wrong even if it causes damages.
• Petition for restitution of conjugal rights shall be instituted in the District Court/Family Court.
• Consent of minor is wholly immaterial in case of the offence of kidnapping.
• Writ of Mandamus cannot be issued under Article 32 where fundamental right is infringed by a private body.
• Indian Evidence Act, 1872 was drafted by Sir James F. Stephen.
• Bill on Transfer of Property Act was referred to the Third Law Commission.
• Transfer of Property Act, 1882 came into force on 1st July, 1882.
• Rule against Perpetuity is provided in section 14 of the Transfer of Property Act, 1882.
• Principle of apportionment has been provided under sections 36 and 37 of the Transfer of Property Act, 1882.
• Mandal Commission for Backward Classes was set up in 1978.
• Judgment on Admission can be given under Order 12 Rule 6 of CPC.
• Defamation is an offence against Reputation.
• Remedy of Law of Torts is Unliquidated Damages.
• The concept of Fundamental Duties in Indian Constitution is derived from the Constitution of U.S.S.R.
• Inter-State Council is established under Article 263 of the Constitution of India.
• Under a contract between the parties, plea of undue influence may be raised only by the party whose consent was so caused.

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