Legal One Liners

Legal One Liners for Judicial Service Aspirants

• The Idea of Justice is a book written by Amartya Sen.

• Bangladesh has recently passed a law to impeach Supreme Court judges.

• Kaka Saheb Kalekar Commission is related to Backward Classes.

• Finance Commission is provided under Article 280 of the Constitution of India.
• Article 24 of the Constitution of India is directly related to the exploitation of children.

• The power to issue Habeas Corpus writ is vested in the Supreme Court of India and High Courts of the states.

• Vice President of India acts as the presiding officer of the Rajya Sabha without being its member.

• Sachet is the web portal launched by the RBI to curb illegal money pooling by firms.

• Amongst the ancient thinkers Manu has treated the system of law in a systematic way.

• Roscoe Pound emphasised the view that “We cannot understand a thing unless we know what it does.”

• Will Theory is not related to the Theory of Corporate Personality.

• Aristotle has divided justice into two parts i.e distributive justice and corrective justice.

• “Ownership is a plenary control over an object.” This definition is given by Holland.

• The book Theory of Legislation was written by Jeremy Bentham.

• If an offender is sentenced to an imprisonment for a term exceeding one year, the term of solitary confinement shall not exceed three months.

• Conspiracy to wage war against the Government of India is punishable under section 121A IPC.

• Under section 65 IPC sentence of imprisonment for non-payment of fine shall be limited to one-fourth of the maximum term of imprisonmenrt fixed for the offence.

• Trial of criminal cases can be taken before the High Court; is provided under section 474 of the CrPC.

• Under section 190(2) CrPC, Chief Judicial Magistrate may empower Magistrate of Second Class to take cognizance of offences.

• Proviso to section 46(1) CrPC prohibits the male police officer from touching the person of a woman while making an arrest.

• For non-bailable offences under CrPC, an application for anticipatory bail under section 438 CrPC can be moved.

• During re-examination of a witness under Indian Evidence Act, 1872, a new matter can be raised only with the permission of the court.

• Principle of res judicata is mandatory.

• Books of accounts cannot be attached in execution of a decree.

• Section 11 of the Transfer of Property Act, 1882 will be applicable only when the interest transferred in the property is absolute.

• The case of Jayalal Poddar v. Bibi Hazara is related to Ostensible Owner.

• Author of “De jure belli ac pacis” is Grotius.

• Article 2(7) of the UN Charter is related to Domestic Jurisdiction.

• First Arrest Warrant by International Criminal Court was issued in the year 2005.

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