Legal One Liners

Legal One Liners For Judicial Service Aspirants

• Indu Malhotra has become the first woman to be directly appointed as the Supreme Court judge.
• First woman to be designated as Senior Advocate by the Supreme Court is Retd. Justice Leila Seth in 1977.
• Retd. Justice S.N. Dhingra to head Special Investigation Team on 1984 Riots.
• Obligation to prove a fact is known as Burden of Proof.
• Facts forming part of the same transaction are known as Res Gestae.
• Burden of Proof as to a particular fact lies on the person who wishes the court to believe its existence.
• The object of cross examination is to examine the reliability of a witness.
• Period of Limitation for filing a suit for delimitation is three years.
• The meaning of Audi Alteram Partem is ‘everybody should be given a reasonable opportunity to defend oneself’.
• First Indian Governor General of Independent India is C. Rajagopalchari.
• First woman to become the Governor of a State in India is Sarojini Naidu.
• A sentence of death by a lower court must be confirmed by a High Court.
• The act of unlawfully entering into another’s property is known as Trespass.
• Right to seek advisory opinion of the Supreme Court on any question of law belongs to the President.
• The Parliament can impose reasonable restrictions on the Fundamental Rights.
• Lyngdoh Committee was formed as per the directions of the Supreme Court of India to frame guidelines on students’ union elections in colleges/universities.

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