Legal One Liners

Legal One Liners For Judicial Service Aspirants

• Minimum duration of imprisonment of 24 hours is provided under section 510 of the Indian Penal Code, 1860.

• Lok Adalats have been created under the Legal Services Authority Act.

• Federal Court constituted under the Government of India Act, 1935 had the original, appellate and advisory jurisdictions.

• A seat of Member of Parliament can be stated vacant if he absents himself from the concerned House for a continuous period of two months.

• The First Law Officer of the Government of India is the Attorney General.

• The quorum of the Parliament is fixed at one-tenth of the total membership of the House.

• Common consciousness of people leads to the origin of the customs.

• Term ‘corpus’ means physical control of the subject.

• ‘Immunity’ is defined as the opposite of liability.

• The term ‘right in rem’ means right available against the whole world or against the people.

• Bentham was the champion of the codified law.

• The role of judges has been very creative in the common law countries.

• Austin termed customs as positive morality.

• For HLA Hart, Law is the union of primary rules of the obligation and the secondary rules.

• A norm can derive its validity from another higher norm; this higher norm derives its validity from another higher norm. This derivation continues but ultimately there is a norm on which all norms rest. This norm is Grundnorm.

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