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MCQs For Law Entrance – CLAT 2016

1. A shop gives 15% discount on the purchase of a T.V. If paid for in cash immediately, a further discount of 12% is given. If the marked price is ` 15,000, what is the price of the T.V if cash purchase is made?
(a) ` 11,475
(b) ` 11,220
(c) ` 12,750
(d) ` 10,950.

2. The traffic lights at three different signal points change after every 45 seconds, 75 seconds and 90 seconds respectively. If all change simultaneously at 7:20:15 hours, then they will change again simultaneously at
(a) 7:27:50 hours
(b) 7:27:45 hours
(c) 7:28:00 hours
(d) 7:27:30 hours.

3. A train which is moving at an average speed of 40 kmph, reaches its destination on time. When its average speed reduces to 35 kmph, then it reaches its destination 15 minutes late. The distance travelled by the train is
(a) 30 kms
(b) 40 kms
(c) 70 kms
(d) 80 kms.

4. The angles between the hands of a clock when the time is 4:25 am is
(a) 14½ degrees
(b) 12½ degrees
(c) 17½ degrees
(d) 13½ degrees.

5. A circular park, 42 m in diameter, has a path 3.5 m wide running around it on the outside. Find the cost of gravelling the path at `4 per m2.
(a) ` 2002
(b) ` 1652
(c) ` 1672
(d) ` 2048.

6. What is the sum of all the natural numbers from 1 to 100?
(a) 5000
(b) 5050
(c) 6000
(d) 5052.

7. 60 kg of an alloy X is mixed with 100 kg of an alloy Y. If alloy X has lead and tin in the ratio of 3:2 and alloy Y has tin and copper in the ratio of 1:4, then the amount of tin in the new alloy is
(a) 53 kgs.
(b) 80 kgs.
(c) 44 kgs.
(d) 36 kgs.

8. If a boy is standing at the top of the tower and another boy is at the ground at some distance from the foot of the tower, then the angle of elevation and depression between the boys when both look at each other will be
(a) Equal
(b) Cannot be predicted for relation
(c) Angle of depression will
be greater
(d) Angle of elevation will be greater.

9. Two consecutive even positive integers, sum of the squares of which is 1060 are
(a) 16 and 18
(b) 12 and 14
(c) 22 and 24
(d) 20 and 22.

10. A man buys ` 20 shares paying 9% dividend. The man expects to have an interest of 12% on his money. The market value of each share is
(a) ` 12
(b) ` 15
(c) ` 21
(d) ` 18

11. The angle subtended by the Minor segment of a circle at the center is…………. the angle subtended by the Major segment at the center of the circle.
(a) greater than
(b) lesser than
(c) not related to
(d) equal to.

12. man earns ` 20 on the first day and spends ` 15 on the next day. He again earns ` 20 on the third day and spends ` 15 on the fourth day. If he continues to save in this way, how soon will he have ` 60 in hand?
(a) on 12th day
(b) on 24th day
(c) on 17th day
(d) on 27th day.

Amswers: 1 (b), 2 (b), 3 (c), 4 (c), 5 (a), 6 (c),
7 (c), 8 (a), 9 (c), 10 (b). 11 (b), 12 (c).

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