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MCQs For Law Enterance-CLAT-2018

Directions: (Qs. 1-3): In the paragraph below there are five sentences. In each sentence there are pairs of highlighted words (A, B). Select the most appropriate words to form correct sentences. Then from the options given select the correct option.

1. Internationally high rise walls serve as street (A) paintings (B) canvasses. In Delhi and Gurgaon artists have (A) earmarked (B) earmark a district and after civic authority (A) compliance, (B) grant transformed it into a throbbing art district. A walk through the (A) instalment (B) installations for public interaction is (A) instituted (B) envisaged. It is hoped that this will discourage defiling city’s public places.
(d) ABABA.

2. Pie charts are another extremely effective (A) visual (B) graph presentation of data. They show what proportions make up a whole. Each segment should be (A) cleared (B) differentiated by shading, cross-hatching or colour and should be (A) labelled (B) articulated horizontally. (A) Initially (B) Conventionally, the largest slice begins at the 12 o’clock position then slices are sequenced clockwise in (A) descending (B) clarified positions.
(d) BAABA.

3. One of the predictable difficulties you can expect to (A) encounter (B) counter when you go to a different country to study or work is language. But difficulties may also result from (A) culture (B) cultural differences, which are often less (A) conscious (B) obvious at first and can be unexpected. A Dutch academic was one of the first persons to propose an (A) influential (B) dire theory of cultural (A) diversity (B) division.
(d) ABABB.

Directions (Qs. 4-6): Identify the incorrect sentence/sentences

4. (A) It is important to monitor the groups.
(B) Check that the instructions are clear, and tell the students to begin.
(C) Inefficient bus service are a hazard.
(D) Traffic in the city has reached unsustainable levels.
(a) A
(b) B
(c) C
(d) D.

5. (A) The college has organized a science fare
(B) This is to notify that a leather wallet has been lost
(C) Shortly blood donation will begin a camp
(D) The agenda of the meeting is available on the website.
(a) B
(b) C
(c) D
(d) A.

6. (A) It is vastly reading is significant
(B) Reading for pleasure is linked to parental support at an early age.
(C) We can read intensively and extensively.
(D) Basic literacy among the prison population is insignificant.
(a) C
(b) D
(c) B
(d) A.

Directions (Qs. 7-12): Fill up the blanks numbered (a) (b) (c) (d) (e) (f) in the passage given below with the most appropriate word from the options given for each blank.

The main objective of art and (a) living is to develop (b) sensibilities and skills of healthful living besides providing a (c) ground for love of labour, (d) social attitudes and moral values so as to enable the child to be (e) to the ideas of others with humility and sincerity in thought, word and deed. Love for mankind and helping the needy would (f) at this stage and its culmination would be in terms of attainment of selfless service.
7. ‘a’ is
(a) profitable
(b) promising
(c) productive
(d) praise.

8. ‘b’ is
(a) nature
(b) healthy
(c) aesthetic
(d) genuine.

Answers: 1. (c), 2. (a), 3. (b), 4. (c), 5. (b), 6. (d), 7. (c), 8. (c).

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