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Interview Questions For Judicial Service Aspirants

Q.1 Who can give permission to investigate into a non-cognizable offence?
Ans. Magistrate having power to try the case or commit the case for trial.

Q.2 What is the effect of coercion on the contract?
Ans. The contract becomes voidable at the option of the aggrieved party.

Q.3 Distinction between Fraud and misrepresentation?
Ans. Fraud is more or less an intentional wrong whereas misrepresentation may be reasonably innocent.

Q.4 What do you mean by Consensus ad idem?
Ans. It means an agreement upon the same thing in the same sense.

Q.5 What is counter offer?
Ans. It is a rejection of an original offer.

Q.6 Define Novation?
Ans. It is a change in the nature of obligation between the parties to the contract.

Q.7 Define Vassal State.
Ans. State which is under the suzerainty of another state is known as Vassal State.

Q.8 Define Frustration Of Contract?
Ans. It can be defined as cancellation of contract due to impossibility of its performance.

Q.9 Which Amendment of the Constitution provides for special provisions with respect to the State of Karnataka?
Ans. 98th Constitutional Amendment Act

Q.10 Which Amendment of the Constitution is referred to as the Mini Constitution?
Ans. 42nd Constitutional Amendment Act.

Q.11 Who said that “Law is uncertain and certainty of law is a legal myth”?
Ans. Jerome Frank.

Q.12 To whom can the Annual Report of the State PSC be submitted?
Ans. It can be submitted to the Governor of the concerned State.

q.13 On what basis are seats allocated in the Lok Sabha/Lower House of the Parliament?
Ans. In Lok Sabha seats are allocated on the basis of the Population.

q.14 Define Domicile?
Ans. It is the place/area where a person ordinarily resides.

q.15 Who is an Abettor?
Ans. He is a person who instigates the other person to commit an offence.

q.16 In what circumstances can death punishment be awarded by a Court of Law?
Ans. It can only be awarded in the rarest of rare cases.

q.17 Whether to get sex education in schools is one’s fundamental right?
Ans. No.

q.18 Define Mortgage?
Ans. It is a transfer of an interest in specific immovable property for the purpose of securing the payment of money in advance/loan.

Q.19 What do you mean by Prompt Dower?
Ans. The Dower which is immediately payable on demand of the Muslim Wife is called Prompt Dower.

Q.20 In which case has the Supreme Court held that right to free and fair elections is a basis feature of the Constitution?
Ans. Indira Nehru Gandhi v. Raj Narain (1975).

Q.21 What do you mean by Surety?
Ans. He is a person who gives Guarantee for Principal Debtor.

Q.22 What is Double Jeopardy?
Ans. It means putting the same person on trial twice for the same offence.

NOTE: The answers are suggestive. Kindly verify from the basic documents, judgments, gazette notifications or recommended textbooks in case of doubts. Answers given by the author herein are his own personal views and neither the publisher nor the author holds any responsibility for any mistake that may have inadvertently crept in.


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