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Interview Questions For Judicial Service Aspirants

Q.1 Who can give permission to investigate into a non-cognizable offence?
Ans. Magistrate having power to try the case or commit the case for trial.

Q.2 What is a non-bailable offence?
Ans. Offence other than a bailable offence is a non-bailable offence.

Q.3 In which case is secondary evidence admissible in law?
Ans. Where the non-production of primary evidence has been accounted for by the plaintiff.

Q.4 Under what circumstances may a proposal be revoked?
Ans. Under the following circumstances, a proposal may be revoked:-
• By communication of notice of revocation by the proposer to the other party
• By death or insanity of the proposer
• By lapse of time fixed in the proposal for its acceptance.

Q.5 How can a contract of agency be terminated?
Ans. Contract of Agency can be terminated in the following ways:-
• The principal revoking his authority
• Agent renouncing the business of agency
• Death of the principal or the agent.

Q.6 Define Liquidated Damages?
Ans. Genuine pre-estimate of the prospective damages is known as liquidated damages.

Q.7 What are the circumstances in which injunction cannot be granted?
Ans. Following are the circumstances in which injunction cannot be granted:-
• Plaintiff has not come to the court with clean hands
• When equally efficacious relief can be obtained.

Q.8 Define Garnishee Order?
Ans. A garnishee order is an order directing the decree holder to take payment from the judgment debtor’s debtor.

Q.9 Under what circumstance may pardon be tendered to an accomplice under section 306 of Cr.P.C.?
Ans. When an accomplice undertakes to make full and true disclosure of the facts relating to the offence.

Q.10 Define Partnership at Will?
Ans. A partnership not for any fixed duration is known as Partnership at Will.

Q.11 In which case was the Doctrine of Basic Structure laid down?
Ans. Keshavananda Bharti v. Union of India.

Q.12 Which writ can be issued to correct jurisdictional error?
Ans. Writ of Certiorari.

Q.13. Who said that “International law is a positive morality”?
Ans. Austin.

Q.14 Under Muslim Law, to whom does the custody of the illegitimate children belong to?
Ans. Mother of the illegitimate children.

Q.15 What do you mean by Marz-ul-Maut?
Ans. Disease which causes death is known as Marz-ul- Maut.

Q.16. What is an Easement?
Ans. It is a right of beneficial enjoyment of property.

Q. 17 Who headed the Fundamental Rights Sub-Committee?
Ans. J.B Kriplani.

Q. 18 Define specific performance of contract.
Ans. Actual execution of the contract according to its terms/ stipulations/conditions is known as specific performance of contract.

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