Lawyers Wit

Lawyers’ Wit

•   Two lawyers, a father and son, talk in the office:

    “Dad, I can’t believe I’ve lost that case. I don’t know what to do!”

    “Don’t worry, son. Lawyers never lose. The client is the one who lost.”

•   A couple of friends meet after a long time:

    “I divorced my wife.” One says.

    “Really? How did you do it?”

    “We hired a lawyer who helped divide the assets and stuff.”

    “What about the kids?”

    “Well, we’ve decided that whoever got more money would also take the kids.”

    “That sounds fair. And who got them?

    “The Lawyer.”

The great trial lawyers are the ones who help their jurors by providing them with the tools with which to reach the right verdict.

G. Christopher Ritter

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