Justice A S Anand Former Chief Justice of India passes away

Universal Group pays homage on the demise of Former Chief Justice of India Justice Adarsh Sein Anand, who died of a cardiac arrest in New Delhi on December 1, 2017. He was a torch bearer for Universal Law Publishing group and a Friend, philosopher and Guide to Universal’s Publishing programmes since its inception.

Justice Anand occupied the top-most judicial post from October 10, 1998 till November 1, 2001.

Justice Anand, who was also the Chairman of National Human Rights Commission from 2003 to 2006, had penned the landmark verdict in the D K Basu case, laying down guidelines on arrest, custodial torture and protection of prisoners’ rights.
Born on November 1, 1936 in Jammu and Kashmir, he had graduated from the Jammu and Kashmir University and obtained his law degree from the Lucknow University.

Justice Anand practiced law in the Punjab and Haryana High Court at Chandigarh and was appointed as an additional Judge of the Jammu and Kashmir High Court in 1975. He was confirmed as a permanent Judge of the same Court in February, 1976.
He was appointed the Acting Chief Justice of Jammu and Kashmir High Court on 1984 and its Chief Justice the next year.
Justice Anand was elevated to the Supreme Court in November 1991 and subsequently became the CJI in 1998.

He had also authored a book titled “The Constitution of Jammu and Kashmir – Its Development and Comments” published by Universal Law Publishing Co Pvt Ltd.

He was unanimously elected as the President of the International Institute of Human Rights Society in 1996.

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