HOMAGE – Shri T R Andhyarujina / Mr. Anil B Divan / Mr. R K P Shankardass / Mr. M N Krishnamani

Universal Law Group pays Homage on the sad demise of Shri T R Andhyarujina, Senior Advocate; Shri Anil B Divan, Senior Advocate: Shri R K P Shankardass, Senior Advocate and Shri M N Krishnamani, Senior Advocate. All the Legal Luminaries had a long lasting relationship with Universal. We pray for their Souls to rest in eternal peace.

Mr. Andhyarujia, author of the famous book “Kesavnananda Bharati Case – The untold story of struggle for supremacy by Supreme Court and Parliament” published by Universal, had an unforgettable relationship with Universal since many decades which grew thick during the writing and publication of his worthy work

Mr. Anil B Divan authored a book “On the Front Foot” published by Universal Law Publishing. Universal Group has relished the relationship since so many years with this great author.

Mr RKP Shankardass met founder Chairman of Universal Mr M G Arora in early sixtees when after studying in England he joined the Chambers of Mr C K Daphtary. Mr Shankardass in his recent letter to Shri M G Arora in 2016 remarked “Being based in Delhi and working in courts here and abroad for well over 50 years, I have watched with satisfaction and pride the services that ‘House of Arora’ has been rendering to our legal profession”.

Mr. M.N. Krishnamani was a well wisher of the Universal Group.

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