We in India have often deplored the lack of jurists in our country and attributed it to our standards of legal education. The University Education Commission presided over by no less a person than Dr. Radhakrishnan had the following observation to make about it :

“In our country, we have eminent practitioners and excellent judges. The law has also given us great leaders and men consecrated to public service. Most conspicuous of these is Gandhiji. We have no internationally known exponents of jurisprudence and legal studies. Our colleges of law do not hold a place of high esteem either at home or abroad, nor has law become an area of profound scholarship and enlightened research.”

Since this report was published, undoubtedly our methods of legal training have made some progress but the verdict of the Dr. Radhakrishnan Commission has been confirmed by the Law Commission of India as late as 1958 under the distinguished chairmanship of Shri Motilal Setalvad.

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