Be Immortal

Nothing is Pure as Wisdom

“Doubtlessly nothing in this world is more purifying than this knowledge and your heart will realize it spontaneously when you have attained the perfection on the way of action.”

Nothing in this world purifies as knowledge does. And this knowledge will be manifest to the doer alone, not to anyone else, when his practice of yog has reached maturity, not at its inception, not in the middle, not externally but within his heart – within his Self. What is the required ability for this knowledge? In the words of the Yogeshwar: [Bhagvadgeeta 4-38]

“The worshipper of true faith who has subdued his senses attains to this knowledge and at the very moment (of attainment) he is rewarded with the benediction of supreme peace.”

For realization of God one needs to possess faith, determination, and restraint of the senses. If there is no intensely felt curiosity for the knowledge of God, even taking refuge in a seer will not bring it. Also mere faith is not enough. The worshipper’s effort may be feeble. Therefore, the determination to proceed resolutely along the prescribed way is a necessity. Along with this it is also necessary to restrain the senses. Realization of the Supreme God will not come easily to one who is not free from desire. So only a man who has faith, enthusiasm for action, and restraint of the senses can have this knowledge. And the very moment this knowledge dawns upon him, he is blessed with the ultimate peace, because after this there is nothing more left to strive for. After this he will never know anything other than peace.  [Bhagvadgeeta 4-40]

“I salute the Guru, who with the instrument of knowledge opens my eyes which had become blind for want of knowledge.”

“It is easy to teach or instruct a person who is totally ignorant and easier to teach a person who is well-versed and wise, but it is impossible to convince a person who has only half-baked knowledge and is egoistic and even ‘Brahma’ would be unable to please him.”

This is hundred percent true. A person who has secured knowledge from the Guru acquires the capacity to distinguish what is right and what is wrong. A person who, however, understands right as wrong and wrong as right, it is difficult to convince him. Such people are many now-a-days. For example, there are many people who misunderstand ‘Dharma’, which is for universal good and regarded as such from times immemorial in Bharat, as communal, by worst communal minded persons who practice communalism not only in elections but also in many of their activities whether in power or not in power. Such persons are regarded as secular. Those who practice religious fanaticism and appeal for votes on the basis of religion and/or castes do not understand the universality of Dharma and its utility for peace and happiness. Such people are really blind from the point of knowledge and unless and until knowledge is imparted to them, they remain as such. They do not listen to any good advice. The quality and character of such persons is explained in the above Slokas.

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