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Everyone wants the benefit of good deeds without doing them and not the consequences of misdeeds

“Everyone wants the fruits of good deeds but does not want to perform good deeds. Everyone wants fruits of crime but does not want the consequences of crime.”

It is human weakness that they desire to get benefit without doing any useful work for which they have to make effort. Similarly another human weakness is the desire to have the benefit or profit of sinful deeds but they do not want to face the consequences of the sinful deeds.
It is common knowledge if any one wants to acquire ‘punya’, he has to work by spending time and money or if he has to earn good name for being helpful to fellow human beings for that also he has to spend money or time or has to work hard. But many want to secure the benefits of good deeds without doing any good work on many occasions. There are people to appropriate the name or fame arising out of the good deeds performed by others claiming falsely that such a good work was done by them and for this purpose they indulge in false publicity, that such and such good work was done by him though in truth it was done by some one else. There are also persons who indulge in doing sinful deeds or get benefitted of sinful deeds, but reject the evil consequences arising therefrom. This is the peculiar attitude of human beings. For instance, many corrupt individuals earn money by illegal methods but when caught they do everything to avoid the suffering of any punishment. This is also the attitude of the members of the family of the corrupt who are eager to enjoy luxurious life by spending such wealth obtained by corruption but unwilling to suffer the evil consequence arising thereof.
So also persons who want to enjoy sexual pleasure by immoral and illegal methods, but want to avoid the evil consequences arising as a consequence such as punishment or bad name, such tendency can be seen everywhere. Having done misdeeds for illegal or immoral benefits, when they are to suffer for such misdeeds then they either indulge in falsehood that they have not done it or try to do everything to enjoy the fruits of misdeeds but try to blame some one else for that. Whether they will be successful in their attempt or not is a different matter, but they do so, is a matter of common knowledge. Such things we can see in domestic affairs, in business, in public service and in politics.
The message or advice from this to everyone is that an individual should perform good deeds and enjoy the good name or ‘punya’ arising therefrom and should not try to appropriate the good name which legitimately belongs to others and similarly an individual having committed immoral or illegal acts, should not make other persons to suffer.
This realization came to Valmiki as is related to Ramayana. Originally he was a hunter indulging in robbery, murder in order to maintain himself and members of his family. When he wanted to commit similar crime against Saptarishis, they asked him to find out whether members of his family for whose benefit he was committing crimes are willing to take the consequences of such misdeeds. He went back and asked everyone of them and found that everyone said that he alone has to bear the consequences of sin and none of them were prepared to suffer for crimes committed by him. Realization came to him that as far as suffering for the sins/crimes committed by him is concerned, he alone has to suffer. By one question of Saptarishis to which answer was secured by him from his wife and other family members, he got himself reformed and became the greatest personality by becoming the author of the great epic ‘Ramayana’ which is an encyclopedia of morals or what is Dharma and what is Adharma.
Here is a lesson to be learnt by all those who receive bribes for the purpose of maintaining his wife and children in a luxurious manner. Though they all enjoy the fruits of bribe, ultimately he alone has to suffer for his misconduct or misdeeds or crimes when he is convicted of the crime and sentenced to imprisonment.

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