Personality of the Month

Prof (Dr.) Mool Chand Sharma

Prof (Dr.) Mool Chand Sharma, distinguished Professor of Law in Delhi University and former Full Time Member of the Law Commission of India is widely known amongst scholars and legal fraternity as a thought activist, institution-builder and a teacher who inspires and motivates. His multi-disciplinary approach to knowledge as can be witnessed reading Globalisation, Democratisation and Distributive Justice that is more about economics, politics and history than about law, has earned him great accolade. Prof. Sharma holds a Doctorate degree in Juridical Science (SJD) from North Western University law School, Chicago. He has been invited by numerous universities, educational and other institutions as senior fellow and scholar. He holds numerous prestigious awards to his credit. Scholastic approach and contributions made by Prof. Sharma during his various scientific, research and academic assignments including Vice-Chairperson, University Grants Commission (UGC); Vice-Chancellor(Founder), Central University of Haryana; Director, National Law Institute University, Bhopal; Senior Research Advisor, National Human Rights Commission; Expert Legal Advisor, National Commission for Women; National Research Advisor, Ford Foundation, India; Joint Registrar (Research), Supreme Court of India have received him deep appreciation. Being invited on number of Task Forces and Committees constituted for providing inputs to national policy making on complex issues testifies his deep understanding of interplay amongst finer nuances of Democracy; Rule of Law; Diversity and Development and Distributive Justice; Human Rights Jurisprudence. Apart from numerous research papers Prof Sharma has four books (authored/edited) published to his credit.

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