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Ut de libero tenement

Ut de libero tenement : 

The expression “benefits to arise out of land” covers all that is meant by “tene­ment” and “hereditament”, in the English law. In that law ‘tenement’ is a large word used to pass not only land and other inheritances which are held, but also offices, rents, commons, profits a prendre out of lands, and the like, wherein a man hath any possible tenement and whereof he is seized ‘ut de libero tene­ment’. But hereditament is the largest of all in that kind, for whatsoever may be inherited is an hereditament, be it corporeal or incorporeal, real or personal, or mixed.” And Blackstone (Comm. Vol. 2, p. 16) says that “Incorporal here­ditments are principally of ten sorts-advowsons. tithes. commons, ways, offices, dignities, franchises, corrodies, or pensions, annuities and rents.” [Section 3, Land Acquisition Act, 1894].

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