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Mensa et thoro

Mensa et thoro :

Any wife may present a petition to the District Court or to the High Court, praying that her marriage may be dissolved on the ground that, since the solemnization thereof, her husband has exchanged his profession of Christianity for the profession of some other religion, and gone through a form of marriage with another woman;

or has been guilty of incestuous adultery,

or of bigamy with adultery,

or of marriage with another woman with adultery,

or of rape, sodomy or bestiality,

of adultery coupled with such cruelty as without adultery would have entitled her to a divorce a mensa et toro,

or of adultery coupled with desertion, without reasonable excuse, for two years or upwards. [Section 10, Indian Divorce Act, 1869].

Bar to decree for divorce a mensa et toro; but judicial separation obtainable by husband or wife. –No decree shall hereafter be made for a divorce a mensa et toro, but the husband or wife may obtain a decree of judicial separation, on the ground of adultery, or cruelty, or desertion without reasonable excuse for two years or upwards, and such decree shall have the effect of a divorce a mensa et toro under the existing law, and such other legal effect as hereinafter mentioned. [Section 24, Indian Divorce Act, 1869].

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