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Lex Jurists was established in 1993, and constitutes a team of motivated, proficient and accomplished lawyers who are competent in delivering comprehensive services while dealing with civil and criminal litigation across all courts of India. The firm specializes in compliance and regulatory work for major corporate clients. Moreover, it handles a broad spectrum of arbitration matters in India as well as abroad, including the London Court of International Arbitration. It also undertakes real estate related due diligence.


Mr. Rajinder Singh is the founder of Lex Jurists, who possesses extensive experience in criminal litigation and has served as a counsel in some of the most publicized cases in India. He has earned recognition in the field with immense hard work, dedication and pragmatic approach. He has also served the Rape Crisis Intervention Centre of Delhi Police as a Legal Coordinator for 8 years.

An esteemed personality, he is constantly featured in sundry articles and papers published in leading magazines and international journals including the Washington Post. Mr. Singh has made his valuable presence in panel discussions on leading news channels of the country and has also been interviewed for prominent Criminal Trials in India. Mr. Singh is a prominent speaker who moderated various conferences in India and abroad, earning international recognition as well.

He has contested cases at the London Court of International Arbitration (LCIA), led corporate fraud investigation teams in Cyprus, and is regularly engaged as a counsel for commercial disputes in Dubai. Mr. Singh led a team of counsels to Spain and the USA to engage and negotiate with law firms for filing and contesting lawsuits/ criminal cases for various clients. On a regular basis, Mr. Singh undertakes pro bono criminal court assignments which include conducting training and delivering presentations on POCSO Act in various government schools.


The areas of practice of the firm are wide ranging. Their team specializes in dealing with criminal, civil, matrimonial disputes, sexual harassment, due diligence, arbitration, consumer disputes as well as e-commerce frauds. They extend their legal advice, counseling and guidance to ensure protection of rights of their clients. It also aims to promote legal awareness amongst those who lack access.

The greatest strength of Lex Jurists lies in their team of hard-working lawyers who make every effort to ensure pragmatic and positive outcomes. They take pride in adopting a holistic approach while handling cases, ensuring deep respect and sensitivity towards our clients.

Quality Assurance

‘Quality’ has been the topmost priority for Lex Jurists and it has evidently been portrayed via their high-quality legal services, keeping in view the time and cost efficiencies for the clients. They strive hard to provide feasible solutions, while keeping in mind the primary concerns of the clients so as to ensure prompt resolution of their queries or apprehensions.

Lex Jurists’ primary focus is to provide pragmatic, solution-oriented and technically feasible advice while ensuring efficacy, mutual trust and personal responsibility towards the emptor. Lex Jurists offers a multitude of services in varied fields of law with their associates having experience in various domains, wherefore assuring one-stop solutions to each event.

Future proceedings

Lex Jurists makes endeavors to fulfill the requirements of their clients and achieve more than what is expected. Since its inception, it was their only goal to ensure justice and protect the rights of every individual that seeks their support. As it grows, it sustains the high standards of performance and deliverables, while ensuring an enabling work environment for the lawyers.

Post Covid strategies

The pandemic has impacted the lives of every individual in some way or the other. However, Lex Jurists was striving hard to assist their clients in the unprecedented time by helping them get accustomed to virtual hearings, and remote conferences. During the lockdown, their team of dedicated lawyers kept aiding the corporate clients as and when the requirements occurred.

The entire staff has been trained and sensitized in order to take proper precautions and maintain social distancing. They also installed the latest technology to adapt themselves to the changes around. Considering the present situation, Lex Jurists intends to provide the best services to the clients and support them in case of any exigencies. Their prime goal lies in evolving with the times, and being known for the same.

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