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Factories act, 1948 | Working Hours of Adults

Factories act, 1948
Working Hours of Adults

Sections 51 to 66 of this Act deal with working hours, weekly holidays, compensatory holidays, daily hours, intervals for rest, spread over, night shifts, prohibition of overlapping shifts, extra wages for overtime, restrictions on double employment, notice of period of work for adults and maintenance register for adult workers, hours of work and further restriction on employment of women.

The Factories Act is a social welfare legislation and was enacted primarily with the object of protecting workers employed in the factories against the industrial and occupational hazards besides that its provisions are calculated to ensure that the workers are not subjected to long hours of strain and their working conditions should be humane.1 Hence, the work can never become more important than the worker. A worker is much more than a means of production. While moderate work develops a person, excessive hours of work grind a person down, produce dullness of his mind, wear out his body and energy and hamper his mental, social and spiritual development.

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