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Your Body – Vrikshasana

We are suggesting some selected Yog Asanas to rejuvenate your body. Next in the series is:


Benefits: Joints of the legs, knees and ankles become flexible;

Loosens the pelvis;

Tones up the leg muscles and strengthens the arches, tendons and ligaments in the feet;

Numbness and rheumatic pain in the legs will be alleviated;

Neuromuscular coordination can be gained.


Stand erect. Keep the feet together and the knees straight with arms on the respective sides. Without bending the left knee, lift the right foot and grasp the ankle with the right hand. Fold the right leg double at the knee-joint. Without losing your balance, place the right heel at the top of the left thigh, using both hands. The right sole must press the inside of the left thigh with the toes pointing downwards. The folded leg must be at right angle to the other leg and both thighs must be in alignment. Balance yourself on the left leg. Join the palms and fingers and touch the middle of the chest. Fingers should point upwards. Keeping your hands together, raise them slowly a little above your head. Keep the arms slightly bent. Stretch up and stand erect. Keep your balance. Look straight ahead and be relaxed. Lower the hands slowly to the middle of the chest again. Return to the starting position, lowering your right leg. Practice reversing the legs.

Caution: People who have high blood pressure must not raise their arms over their head while doing the tree pose.

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