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Your Body – Salabhasana

We are suggesting some selected Yog Asanas to rejuvenate your body. Next in the series is:

Salabhasana or Locust Pose effectively preps beginners for deeper backbends, strengthening the back of the torso, legs, and arms.

Benefits: It is beneficial in all the disorders at the lower end of the spine. Most helpful for backache and sciatica pain. Useful for removing unwanted fats around abdomen, waist, hips and thighs. Daily practice of this Asana can cures cervical spondylitis and spinal cord ailments. Strengthening your wrists, hips, thighs, legs, buttocks, lower abdomen and diaphragm. Toughens back muscles.

Procedure: Lie down on your Stomach; place both hands underneath the thighs.
Breath in (inhale) and lift your right leg up, (your leg should not bend at the knee).
Your chin should rest on the ground.
Hold this position about ten to twenty seconds.
After that exhale and take down your leg in the initial position.
Similarly do it with your left leg.
Repeat this for five to seven times.
After doing it with the left leg, inhale and lift your both legs up (Your legs should not bend at the knees; lift your legs as much as you can).
With both legs repeat the process for two to four times.

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