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Healthy Food – FLAT BEANS

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Flat Beans

Flat beans are one of the healthiest vegetables for your heart. A good source of vitamin A, K, C, proteins and folate, flat beans boost your heart health by reducing the risk of iron deficiencies. Vitamin B and folate in this vegetable promote blood cell development, boost energy and keep your brain healthy as well. The dietary fibres in this veggie decrease the bad cholesterol levels in your body. The properties of flat beans reduce cholesterol absorption in the blood by binding bile acids in the colon. But that’s not all, flat beans are one of the healthiest veggies of all time and have a wide variety of health benefits to offer.

Better diabetes control:- Diabetes patients can benefit to quite an extent with the consumption of flat beans. The green pods of these beans have the ability to have a hypoglycemic effect on the patients. Regular consumption of these beans helps lower skyrocketing blood sugar levels in diabetes patients.

Stronger bones:- Decline in bone density contributes to an increased risk of a number of diseases like arthritis and osteoporosis. Deficiencies in iron, vitamin A, K and silicon are some of the most important contributing factors for these conditions. Silicon is a nutrient which is not found in many vegetables.

Pre-natal care:- Flat beans are a rich source of folic acid. Folic acid is an extremely essential nutrient when it comes to protecting the internal systems of your body. But more than that, this nutrient plays an important role in protecting the baby in a woman’s womb. Folic acid levels in a woman’s body play an important role in the development of the foetus in the uterus.

Boosts immunity:- Weak immunity exposes you to a high risk of a number of diseases. Oxidative stress from free radicals is an important reason responsible for a weak immune system. Enriched with vitamin C, flat beans can be helpful in boosting your immune system. The veggie is also a rich source of antioxidants like flavonoids and catenoids. These can also reduce the severity of strokes.

Benefits for eye health:-Carotenoids found in flat beans can prevent macular degeneration thereby reducing the risk of vision and eye function problems. Regular consumption of flat beans can help you reduce the risk of eye health problems to quite an extent.

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